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The Money Masters

Ever wonder where your money goes? Ever wonder where the all the revenue collected by the United States treasury goes? Wonder no more.

Keep in mind this video was created long before the ‘bailout’. I know of no one who believes banks should have gotten nearly a trillion dollars after losing almost seven trillion.

Why is it that auto manufacturers are subjected to close scrutiny and required to accept stringent guidelines for about 45 billion yet financial institutions are given eight hundred billion carte blanche?

Watch the video – it’s long but well worth your time.

The Collar by the Warr Brothers

THE COLLAR – Trailer

The Collar
I hope everyone has gone to Myspacetv and voted on my friends lastest project “The Collar”.

I remember reading the script and feeling all emotional. The lives of the working class and the struggles with management are a story that is worth watching. The film is done in my home town and the story line is one every factory person can relate too.Hats off to “The Collar”!

Our best wishes for The WARR BROTHERS, We are proud to call you friends. You are Generation Cobweb. To all those who dream, we look to you with praises.

Dumbing Down America

Without trying to insult many fast food businesses and cheap service sectors in certain parts of this country, I can only say, I have seen a huge difference in human behavoir (intelligence). It was so bad that I spoke with many of my closest friends and believe that these people are either affected by vast amounts of Mercury in the food they eat, or something darker is happening to them.

Still believe heat melted to steel?

We must not allow these criminals to succeed in their goals, whatever they may be. If the truth was suppressed in our media, and by our leaders, than are they not the ones we should investigate. Instead we still allow them to get their hold on US even tighter. They hope we move on and give up. Revolution of mind is the FIRST of all to start. Wake everyone up to the truth.

You will soon know who is wants to stay asleep and who wants to wake up. Strengthen those who want to wake up. For those who cannot awaken, or don’t wish to, consider them too sick to heal, they may be the death of you in years to come.

We are slaves

It appears as if more people are waking up to the lies that have been told to us, the lies that our past leaders were warning us of. They knew what this country stood for, and they where willing to give their lives for it. I am sad to say that we as a nation do not deserve the freedom or dreams our elders gave us.

We are not willing to think for ourselves, to stand up and give our live for freedom. We want someone else to tell us what to fight for, and it usually is for their gain and our loss. Isn’t it time to fight for your freedom and your children. This country, like so many others, has been taken over by those that would do harm to the great masses of people living in the country they are positioned to lead. They are greedy liers that stand for all that is corrupt in the world.

If now is not the time to stand up and demand better leaders, tommorrow dreams and hopes will fade into a world full of darkness.