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Turn off your TV

In his 1995 book Abandoned In The Wasteland, former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Newton Minow had this to say about television:

“In the 1930s and 1940s, television’s creators expressed their hope that the new medium would be the greatest instrument of enlightenment ever invented, a blessing to future generations. They were wrong. . . . No other major democratic nation in the world has so willingly turned its children over to mercenary strangers this way. No other democratic nation has so willingly converted its children into markets for commercial gain and ignored their moral, intellectual, and social development.”

With cellphones, email and the internet the dumbing down of humanity is getting even worse. Did you know Email destroys the mind faster than marijuana? Watch the video. I will have more to say about the internet as soon as I get done checking my email.


America is being Destroyed III

Part III. Creating a Gulag

The second item in Naomi Wolf’s book, “The End of America, A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot”, is “Create a gulag”. Thanks to step one, “Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy” creating a gulag is all but accomplished. The Bush administration created a worldwide network of ‘detainee’ camps. The most public Gulag is Guantanamo but it is not the only one.

One of the worst is Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. Unlike Guantanamo prisoners at Bagram do not have the right of Habeas Corpus. Bagram is just the tip of the iceberg. Also used to ‘detain’ enemy combatants are navy ships4, jails in third world countries (where torture is legal) and military bases around the globe. From Gwynne Dyer ‘s article  Obama and the Gulag Archipelago

“Only 242 prisoners are still held at Guantanamo, but that is just the tip of an iceberg. There are thousands more held in legal black holes at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Djibouti and the prison ships, at the US base on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and in the countries where the Central Intelligence Agency has been out-sourcing the more severe forms of torture (notably Egypt, Morocco and Jordan).

What is Faith?

McCobb is always telling me to have faith. But what is faith? In the Bible, perhaps the supreme reference, defines faith as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. (Hebrews 11.1 KJV)

Faith is believing there is more than what we see, hear and taste. Faith is belief not yet proven. Faith can also be the biggest lie ever told. Believing something is true doesn’t make it so.

Unfortunately people sometimes prefer to believe the untruth over fact. I don’t consider that to be faith.

For instance, it requires faith to believe in God. There is no proof, no method of measuring His presence. But I believe in God, my faith being the evidence of his existence.

My faith does not extend to the myriad of rules, regulations and traditions that have become synonymous with belief in a higher power. It baffles me as to how one could read the Bible, a book based on faith and forgiveness, and then forge a concrete and unforgiving religion around ‘the word of God’.

Incidentally the Bible is not the ‘word of God’.

Traitors Control Us

How can we as a nation get back to solid representation in government? A government that’s hears its people and responds. A government that cares about the daily struggles of those it is supposed to represent, the taxpayer, the voter.
It seems that the only voice heard in the halls of government are the voices paid for by wealthy companies. Some how America has been taken out of the voters hands and into the hands of a few powerful people. Their desires for better power control outweighs the voters.
I can only hope that more people wake up to what is going on and start to do a little research of their own into who controls this government and how it has been take from us.
The leaders of this once great country do not have the average Americans needs in mind when it acts. It is like a hungry beast that cannot get full. Those in power will not give it up willingly, nor will they do anything that does not help themselves first. We the people need to stand tall and say no more, we need to identify those traitors to this country and take what they stole from us and punish them like they would punish us.

Thoughts on 9-11

Sept 11,
Where are all the answers to all the questions? Why have we as a nation not brought this out to the streets. We talk all we can inside this web but why then has it not made it to the reality of our day to day lifes. Why is the killing still going on? Why have the people of this nation not charged the people who let 911 happen and profited by it punished for their crimes, Why have we let a family abuse its power and lie to the American people and cheat its way into office, None of this seems to matter. Where are you America. Wake up!!

Don’t fear the dark

We seem to forget that reality is our dream to dream.
We alone must create the ultimate limitations in our lives, our own illusions of this dream we are in.
If we find ourselves in a life that is growing darker, it is us that decide to go deeper into that dark place.
We must realize that even in darkness one can find peace. There can be many lessons taught in the dark places of life.