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As time goes by I start seeing the possibilities of what could have been. Like most of you, I too, have a desire to make a difference. sometimes it seems we must wait for some “ONE” to discover us. Why do we feel the need to let someone else make us great? We have in us a spirit of great being, we can and do decide our fates every second of every day. We have a choice to be ourself or be what someone else wants in the hope we make some money and survive in this world. Nobody is going to come forward and help you. What will happen is that some people will notice your greatness and your strength and want you on their team. It may seem that they have the strength, but you are giving them yours. Stand strong my Brothers and Sisters, the world is ours…We are the true leaders!

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Bush and Cheney Illegal Actions Lies to US

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In June of 2008, Dennis Kucinich the former Democratic presidential candidate and representative from Ohio introduced into the House of Representatives a resolution to impeach George Bush, the current US President. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not support the resolution, saying the resolution was unlikely to succeed and would be divisive.

 Only two presidents have ever been impeached; Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999 but both were acquitted by the Senate. No Vice President has ever been impeached although during the Bush administration two resolutions to impeach Dick Cheney were introduced. Neither made it out of committee.

You can read the entire text of congressman Kucinich’s resolution to impeach George Bush here.


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Looking Back

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It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this since before 911! For those just visiting for the first time, Thanks, you will find much information in the site to help wake you up. I would recommend that you see the videos and read everything you can, take notes and then research yourself. You will find the truth you need.

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Late Summer Attact on America?

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Introduction to the Video from sylvestermoore
I have uploaded some new video footage of the fema cremation coffins that exist in conyers georgia. US Intel department said they expect a WMD attack on US soil within 5 years. They suspect it will be a biological attack.


A dispassionate review of the facts makes clear that, if a large number of coffins had to be stockpiled in anticipation of some ultra-dire national emergency, Atlanta would be a good place to do it. It is a major confluence for road, rail, and air traffic. Hartsfield Jackson is one of the nations biggest and busiest hubs for commercial aviation. Atlanta is also home to the Centers for Disease Control. Is it the CDC that knows something we dont? Is a plague expected and no one is telling us? As radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wrote on his website Prison Planet, I dont want to alarm anyone, but usually you dont buy 500,000 plastic coffins just in case something happens; You buy them because you know something is going to happen.

If you have been reading the Series on the destruction of America many of the things in this video will not surprise you. The plan to conquer the United States put in place over forty years ago is coming to fruition. Next up – the world, as in the new world order. That it will be a violent event should not be surprising for as Mahatam Gandhi said:

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America is Being Destroyed Part IV

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In part one Laying the groundwork for the Fascist takeover of America, part two Creating an internal enemy and part three Creating a Gulag we saw how the government from Reagan to Obama has created internal and external enemies with several phony wars. Further we explored how the United States has prosecuted and imprisoned millions of enemy combatants aka American Citizens. In this installment we will look at the thug caste created to intimidate people and smother any protest before it even gets started.

Despots have long recognized the necessity of controlling the press. Some would argue it is not possible in a free society but not only is it possible it is an accomplished fact. Later in this series we will have a more in depth discussion of how a few companies control the press but for now be aware the two go hand in hand – control of the press and a thug caste.

Two unlikely allies, political conservatives and fundamental Christians have formed the American thug caste. Not the political conservatism championed by Barry Goldwater but Ronald Reagan’s corruption of it, nor the open forgiving religion of Billy Graham but the aberration preached by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

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