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Fly Clear, Attacks on Freedom

Fly Clear, Attacks on Freedom

How does skipping the long line at the airport sound? Too good to be true? Maybe. After a read in the “Rolling Stone” magazine an article titled “China’s All-Seeing Eye” by Naoni Klien, I discovered a few names of those who are behind the spying within the US. By understanding how technology is used in other countries, we can see how they could be used in our country.

“Fly Clear” is a program that will help you get through the airport screening faster. All you have to do is give your fingerprints and have your picture taken. Sounds so easy, lets just all get in line, or not?

The real company behind this convenient service is the same company that is helping the Chinese government to crack down on dissidents, such as Tibetan Monks, and human rights activist.

While helping break the Fourth Amendment right on illegal search and seizure, and ignoring legislation passed after Tiananmem Square in 1989. (A band from selling any products that can be used for “crime control or detection instruments or equipment”) one should question their motives of profit over human rights.

The company behind this is called L-I and even more secretive unit called SpecTal. According to the article they are deeply integrated with several governmental agencies. This is Big Brother. Unfortunately not our big brother.

I wish to thank Naomi Klien for writing “China’s All-Seeing Eye” and “Rolling Stone” for publishing it in the May issue of 2008. Keep up the great work and maybe we will save ourselves from the power of world leaders.