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Looking Back

It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this since before 911! For those just visiting for the first time, Thanks, you will find much information in the site to help wake you up. I would recommend that you see the videos and read everything you can, take notes and then research yourself. You will find the truth you need.


Books of interest;
Lost Book of Abraham
The Secret of the Federal Reserve
Committee of 300
The Unknown Jesus (or, The Unknown Life Of Jesus)
Jesus, The Last of the Hebrew Pharaoh

Key words to look into;
Ring of Power/ British Mint
NWO spelled backwards “OWN”
“Paperclip/Fort Hunt/Nazi”
City States, 3 worldwide
Broken cross/peace sign

Interesting Fact
Bush told a story of a pet “goat” when 911 happened

You may find I cannot expose every little piece of info to everyone, sometimes I will let you find it. Good luck!