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Dreamers of Peace

For some there seems none. Others seem to hold on to something….Dreams. For those who dream no more and life has become a struggle, I would like you to take a moment and remind yourself that we are all the dream makers whether or not we participate. So keep dreaming your dreams of freedom and peace and walk in the light, for if you don’t, who will?

Dreams Remembered

So many dreams, so little time to remember them. But if we could?
Many people live years without ever remembering their dreams while others know while they are in the dream. I know that it is possible to know when you are in the dream world, and that it is possible to create whatever reality you want. On the other hand I know that many cannot even begin to wake inside the dream world and there for seem asleep to the reality of waking life. Those of you who can control the dream world will be able to control the waking world. This is not some unknown fact I read in a book, I have witness it by my friends and myself. We are all capable of so much we just need to remember its all a dream. Have fun.

We are slaves

It appears as if more people are waking up to the lies that have been told to us, the lies that our past leaders were warning us of. They knew what this country stood for, and they where willing to give their lives for it. I am sad to say that we as a nation do not deserve the freedom or dreams our elders gave us.

We are not willing to think for ourselves, to stand up and give our live for freedom. We want someone else to tell us what to fight for, and it usually is for their gain and our loss. Isn’t it time to fight for your freedom and your children. This country, like so many others, has been taken over by those that would do harm to the great masses of people living in the country they are positioned to lead. They are greedy liers that stand for all that is corrupt in the world.

If now is not the time to stand up and demand better leaders, tommorrow dreams and hopes will fade into a world full of darkness.

Nights without hope, Days without dreams

So many of you out there are looking for something, or someone to believe in, I am too. It seems that the trust in anyone in government is, shall we say…lacking. We live in what should be the greatest country in the world, but is falling short of that goal.
People in other parts of the world are angry with us. Why is that? Could be that our beautiful country has been misled by a few greedy people? Have we become so accustom to getting the shaft that we just won’t do anything. Have we become the beaten child that thinks they deserve the treatment? Have we become like the housewife who never gets treated with respect and still decides to stay for, “that’s just reality”?
I hope we have not given up. I know it is hard, but do you remember a time when Kennedy was around? I don’t care which one, because they both had a power in them that gave this great country hope. But like others, like Martin Luther King, that gave us hope, but were killed right in front of our eyes.
We must start to demand more from those in power. We must protest the lack of caring in our own government. We must be lead by people that truly are great leaders, leaders that give hope to the people, leaders that unite our nation and unite countries of the world, a leader that is not in it for the power to make a select few friends happy, but a leader that sees the world as a fragile gift, a gift that can be a curse if wise decisions aren’t made. We need leaders that can speak properly and show that they have the mind to think, not just try to repeat what some writer put on a teleprompter. We need leaders who posses in themselves a concience and a heart for making good decisions.
In closing I open my heart to the world around me and speak the little peace we are still allowed too, as of now, with the knowledge that the reality that we are being watched so as not to step out of line too much. I leave you with my quite plea for change, change that will last.
May your life be filled with compassion, and forgiveness, so that you will see what path is best for all human kind, and the animals that share it. We have lost too many of both in recent years. Thank you all for reading this little rant. I hope it inspires you to not accept a life lead by those who are not good leaders. Demand better.

Trapped like a dreamer waiting to wake up.

As you begin to enter my world, reading every word image by image, I can only wonder where this will take us. I open my mind and let my words enter my hands as they become letters on the page. As I read what is written I feel we are connected in time.
You, help me write ideas that we share in the heart. The thoughts flow from my mind as if I’m being told each word, not thinking of what I’ m writing, or even how it will come out.
Imagine that there is no time, that somehow your thoughts are mine. We write what must be written. Sharing our deepest needs like souls from the same mother. We are not existing in the natural world now, but are in the world of imagination, trapped like a dreamer waiting to wake up. Slowly, word by word the illusions become reality, your thoughts become mine, and my emotions become yours. Together we can enlighten ourselves to the answers we seek, sharing this journey as friends walking the same path.