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All Money is Not The Same

Did you know not all currency is the same? Yes, even in America, not all currency is worth what you would think it is. Imagine next paycheck you go in the bank only to find out you how you get what is owed to you could create an increase or decrease in your over all worth?
Suppose you where to get $1000 in all $2 dollar bills. Did you know that your real wealth could double based on current prices paid on E-Bay! How about you as for the very very rare $1000 dollar bill ( they probably wont have one) you could have your real value four or five times that in the open market. Yes, even your choice of coins could be an instant metal value 1/10th the face value of the coins,in the case of much of our new coins, or double the face value in the case of penny’s.
The next time you get paid, you may ask yourself how you chose to receive that which is yours. Be wise with your money. Choosing you payments to yourself could be a huge financial difference even before you invest.