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America is being Destroyed II

America is being Destroyed II

Part II, Creating an internal enemy

Ronald Reagan is known as a populist president, a champion of the people. Here are some if the things this well liked president did to the American people. In 1981 he broke the back of the Air Traffic Controllers union “one of the most important events in late twentieth century US labor history.” (McCartin, Joseph A (2006), “Professional Air Traffic Controllers Strike (1981)”, in Eric Arnesen, Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working-class History, CRC Press, pp. 1123-1126, ISBN 0415968267) His action against the air traffic controllers signaled other companies that union busting was ok.

But that was just the beginning of his personal war against unions. Reagan believed they were socialist organizations and in Reagan’s mind there was little if any difference between communism and socialism. In 1982 he appointed three anti union management representatives to the five-member National Labor Relations Board. After that the NLRB did little to protect the rights of the American Worker.

This ‘president of the people’ didn’t seem to like people very much. He had little sympathy for young workers, several times attempting to lower their minimum wage. Reagan also wanted less restrictive child labor and anti-sweatshop laws. Which could come in handy because if Dad lost his job or was fired for lawful union activity the kids could go to work because Reagan had severely curtailed training programs for the unemployed, decreasing their chance at finding work.