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Dumbing Down America

Without trying to insult many fast food businesses and cheap service sectors in certain parts of this country, I can only say, I have seen a huge difference in human behavoir (intelligence). It was so bad that I spoke with many of my closest friends and believe that these people are either affected by vast amounts of Mercury in the food they eat, or something darker is happening to them.

When Wright is Wrong

God Damn America. Most Americans don’t agree with that statement. Presidential candidate Barrack Obama doesn’t and yesterday in Philadelphia gave another inspiring speech denouncing much of what Reverend Wright delivered from the pulpit.

Unlike many politicians Obama didn’t distance himself from Reverend Wright but embraced him. At one point Obama said, “As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me.” I think every person in America understood exactly what that means. You don’t throw your family away even though they may be embarrassing at times.

My mother always told me to hate the sin but love the sinner. I think that’s a subtlety lost on many of todays right wing politicians and religious leaders. Many of whom just a few short weeks ago were implying Obama was a Muslim are now saying Obama has been going to a Christian Church for years where the pastor is a racist. I guess the idea is to throw enough mud untill it sticks.

Traitors Control Us

How can we as a nation get back to solid representation in government? A government that’s hears its people and responds. A government that cares about the daily struggles of those it is supposed to represent, the taxpayer, the voter.
It seems that the only voice heard in the halls of government are the voices paid for by wealthy companies. Some how America has been taken out of the voters hands and into the hands of a few powerful people. Their desires for better power control outweighs the voters.
I can only hope that more people wake up to what is going on and start to do a little research of their own into who controls this government and how it has been take from us.
The leaders of this once great country do not have the average Americans needs in mind when it acts. It is like a hungry beast that cannot get full. Those in power will not give it up willingly, nor will they do anything that does not help themselves first. We the people need to stand tall and say no more, we need to identify those traitors to this country and take what they stole from us and punish them like they would punish us.