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What is Done in the Dark will be Brought to the Light

What is Done in the Dark will be Brought to the Light

Many Americans support their president based on what they are told. Many will be surprised about war crimes committed. Many of us tried to warn our Brothers and Sisters in America, but national news agency helped tell the Americans lies that acted as national propaganda. You were lied too, it is OK to change your support for these criminals.Please watch with a open heart.


Listen to our solders own words, if you dare, to see the reality of our silence.

We must force this war on terror to stop!

The people of the world are the victims and our War Machine is the true aggressor.


Listen to what Susan Lindauer has to say.


So much information has been discovered since 911, but the mainstream media will not touch it. (Hell, If your job alone would be risked, let alone your life, would you risk it?)

It is easy to see the facts when you see them all together.

Many true patriots have spoken, and some have given their lives, so you would know the truth and stand up against this evil.

How can we turn our backs on these deaths of so many key people?

If you chose to turn your back than these peoples blood is on your hands too!!!

Take to hours needed to watch these videos before they are removed. Share them, talk to your friends about them, but be aware, some will not want to upset their life knowing the facts.

We Must Revisit The 911 Crimes

We Must Revisit The 911 Crimes


If we allow ourselves to to go on and just give up, we allow those criminals to get by with crimes against The United States of America. We must find the real answers to our questions.

Here is a general overview we should follow;

1) Use all the internet information to guide our investigation, deciding what has merit, what does not.

2)Look into the people and their connections and make public all facts.

3) Allow only people who have no ties to the companies, political or financial entities, who may conceal, hide or gain from the outcome, to over see this case.

4) Make 100% information available to the public, so as to be 100% transparent.

5) Execute all who were involved, no matter how powerful they may be.

911, Getting Closer To The Truth

911, Getting Closer To The Truth

[youtube]http://youtu.be/Znfa6OMy_pQ[/youtube]A look back at 911

I know many of you are pro-democrat, maybe pro-republican.

Maybe you made a lot of money under Clinton or Bush, or you are proud that America now has a “Black President”, I ask you to forget all that for a moment.

Look at the possibility that we as a Nation have been fooled. We have been led to “choose sides” and “fight” for what we believe in.

Unfortunately, while we are fighting and Facebooking our political opinions on the “Left” or the “Right”, “Gun laws” or “Abortion rights”, to our family and friends network, those who are focused on gaining more power over us for generations to come are in the shadows conspiring against us like a corporation trying to break a Union.

We are the Union! We are the People of this Great Nation! But there are those in power within our Government who plot against the American People. If we do not hunt them down and take their power from them we will find ourselves without a voice in our government, a government who is not there to help us, but instead is there to protect the rights of business as they poison our water, contaminate our ground, murder who they see fit, all for power, while looking at the rights of individuals as roadblock to profit, eradicating and imprisoning anyone who dares speak out about their crimes against the planet and its inhabitants.

Thanks Jesse Ventura

Thanks Jesse Ventura

We at Generation Cobweb would like to say thanks to Jesse for the wonderful show he and his crew did on his Conspiracy Theories series that aired tonight on TruTV. Most of what he said our readers knew, except for the hijackers being in the cock pit before take off! Great job Jesse and crew! Great Job! I hope many of you watched the show and will tell others about the facts. We at Gencobb have not forgotten what happened on September 11. Never forget and always demand the truth from your government.


911 – Revisited

911 – Revisited

911 Mysteries

No event in the past thirty years has altered the lives of Americans as dramatically as 911. Called a terrorist attack by the US government it has been used to attack our individual freedom and security. It has also been used to bring war upon foreign nations. Was it really a terrorist attack? Watch the video and decide for yourself.