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Thanks Jesse Ventura

We at Generation Cobweb would like to say thanks to Jesse for the wonderful show he and his crew did on his Conspiracy Theories series that aired tonight on TruTV. Most of what he said our readers knew, except for the hijackers being in the cock pit before take off! Great job Jesse and crew! Great Job! I hope many of you watched the show and will tell others about the facts. We at Gencobb have not forgotten what happened on September 11. Never forget and always demand the truth from your government.


911 – Revisited

911 Mysteries

No event in the past thirty years has altered the lives of Americans as dramatically as 911. Called a terrorist attack by the US government it has been used to attack our individual freedom and security. It has also been used to bring war upon foreign nations. Was it really a terrorist attack? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


Still believe heat melted to steel?

We must not allow these criminals to succeed in their goals, whatever they may be. If the truth was suppressed in our media, and by our leaders, than are they not the ones we should investigate. Instead we still allow them to get their hold on US even tighter. They hope we move on and give up. Revolution of mind is the FIRST of all to start. Wake everyone up to the truth.

You will soon know who is wants to stay asleep and who wants to wake up. Strengthen those who want to wake up. For those who cannot awaken, or don’t wish to, consider them too sick to heal, they may be the death of you in years to come.