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Free Press, or just Propaganda?

How many times have we heard the news agency boasting on having “expert” advice that just happens to be from the government sector. It is as if we hear the same propaganda from different sources making it appear as if all these different reporters are accepting it as their story, when in reality it came from the same press debriefing at the White House.

News reporting should be investigative and should embrace opposition. we should witness a debate on our TV’s for and against a subject. We should have reporters willing to look for the facts and present them with out the worry of loosing their careers.They should make us think about the issue and decide for ourselves what is wright and wrong.


I find that Americans are becoming complacent at being told propaganda as if we are afraid of real news. America is based on freedoms that allow us to be different. If we are all afraid to be different who will stand for us when we take our turn at being outside the circle of popular opinion.

“The King of Pop” conspiracy?

Yes, even His death makes one wonder about the pull of those in power. Did his last song express His views too well? In this video series one is brought into the light about a subject that laid outside my knowledge until now. This is just one more link in a world of wisdom we share together. May we all wake to our true potential and win this battle with Darkness.


Thanks Jesse Ventura

We at Generation Cobweb would like to say thanks to Jesse for the wonderful show he and his crew did on his Conspiracy Theories series that aired tonight on TruTV. Most of what he said our readers knew, except for the hijackers being in the cock pit before take off! Great job Jesse and crew! Great Job! I hope many of you watched the show and will tell others about the facts. We at Gencobb have not forgotten what happened on September 11. Never forget and always demand the truth from your government.


Settleler runs over palistinian, did US news report it as retailiation?

Many of you know that Israel is illegally occupying in Palestinian land, placing settlers in very strategic locations and making life very difficult for those living in the area ignoring the United Nations. Our news media is so seduced by the Israeli lobbyist that the actions we would normally condemn, are viewed as perverted as just and religiously right.
I ask you, when is violence the answer, why are we supporting the violence? We must understand why we are hated and who we want to be known as. Will our current actions and killings be viewed as wrong? Our actions, even the lack of our actions tell who we really are. America defends the weak, we don’t Kill innocent civilians, we are compassionate, we are religiously tolerant, we don’t hate someone because of there race…Or Do we?

Ask yourself why you think the way you do and who is giving you your facts,

Bush and Cheney Illegal Actions Lies to US

In June of 2008, Dennis Kucinich the former Democratic presidential candidate and representative from Ohio introduced into the House of Representatives a resolution to impeach George Bush, the current US President. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not support the resolution, saying the resolution was unlikely to succeed and would be divisive.

 Only two presidents have ever been impeached; Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999 but both were acquitted by the Senate. No Vice President has ever been impeached although during the Bush administration two resolutions to impeach Dick Cheney were introduced. Neither made it out of committee.

You can read the entire text of congressman Kucinich’s resolution to impeach George Bush here.


Hollywood still has freedom of speech, even if we do not.

Are you one who is OK with what America is doing? Have you questioned where we are headed as a country and a people. What happens when they come after you and you realize that nobody will stand up for you. We must be strong and stand up for freedom of speech, especially when we don”t agree. The reason is simple…..when you are that person who the crowd turns against who will be there to save you. Compassion is key to a world of love. Trying to understand why someone believes the way they do is compassion. Who knows, you may have been the one believing in the lie.

I would rather be the first to be killed in the fight for freedom than be the last to die in a world without freedom.

MC Cobb

Freedom of speech[youtube][/youtube]

Lets look at “Our” Propaganda Machine

Be cautious to judge the war in the Middle East based on what you “think” you know. Should America be supporting a illegal occupation, should our tax dollars be going to support such actions as those of the systematic taking of land and ethnic cleansing that Israel is involved with. We are America, and at least in image we are the ones who help those who evil preys on, we should not support actions that we ourselves would not approve of in our own land. Please take the time to watch “Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict”.[youtube][/youtube]