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Keep it up

I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by the site. Our numbers are rising, the message of Generationcobweb is being heard. Spread the word, for there will come a time that the web is shut down, and thats the time we will need it the most. Keep connected inside the web and outside the web.

Homegrown H2O Fuel

I can remember when water was free, and gas was cheap. Now water is as much as gas was and gas,…well priceless!

There are many false profits out there, but this one seems like the real deal. It is very difficult to track down the exacts of specs, but we have achieved huge information gains for the average Joe.

You can purchase kits that I believe will show improvement. As time goes by the price will drop. After more research,my brother plans to build his own and place it in his Tahoe. For now I cannot recommend any links, but surf and ye shall find. If we get actual “know how” and some actual “hands on”, I will pass it on.

For how long will they let us drive around with homemade hydrogen “bombs” powering our vehicles before “Homeland Security” says we are “suicide bombers” and arrest us as “terrorist”, take us away to a place where nobody knows, for a charge that is never made, and refuse us legal council, all for trying to get the gas mileage we should have been getting 20yrs ago?

Does any one ever know?…

What, you ask, is the question? I cannot say a few simple words that can describe the question that everyone asks. It is not the same for everyone, but the the answer is still searched for the same in the heart of every man. If you can find the answer to this question, you will know your very self. This is the riddle of life. May you find peace of mind knowing that the journey is the answer you seek.

Gone Crab Fishing

You may think this is an unusual title, but for the man behind these words, it is a new adventure. As some of you know, I like to live life and because of opportunity that came my way I will soon start crabbing in the Gulf of Mexico, a far cry from the fields of corn my eyes have seen for so many years. Maybe I will write more about the experience. I just wanted to tell you that change is nessesary for life to continue, so why not try to steer it the direction you want. In life we all reach a fork in the road and we must think about the direction our lives are headed, and then choose.

Where does one find truth, in the rhyme or the riddle?

Words are magical, we never fully understand how they will effect someone. each word is filled with different visions and memories that give a slightly different image. It is for this very reason I believe that my writing can reach someone in their time of need. I write with my mind filled with thoughts. I try to chose words the best way I can. Sometimes that means my writings are hard to understand for the masses. On the other side they usually reach someone as truth, it is they who the message was for, not everyone else.

Memories, the seeds that keep growing

We all suffer from unknown forces of memories. These memories, although forgotten, may affect the way we respond to future events. So often as a parent we look at what our children do and try to change those actions and never try to understand what made the action a choice that seemed right, in the mind of the person making it. These memories I will refer to as seeds. These seeds may be planted in ones mind without consent. Later they begins to grow and become a part of an individuals personality without consent of the person. It takes a wise person to identity the vine (that which leads up to the action) from the flower (the action itself) and trace it to the root ( the very cause of the problem). Once this root is identified it seems that the knowledge of that alone begins to kill the very root of the actions that manifested those unwanted actions. It is the job of the teacher/parent to seek out these “seeds” in our students/children and root them out so that society can be healthy. We must all be aware of those seeds that infect our mental garden and root them out…Happy gardening.

A Dream I Had

Ever had a dream that was so real, it stayed with you all day? I had one such dream this morning and cannot forget it, so I thought I would put it out there for all of you.

It was nighttime, clear skies, stars bright, and my brother and I was looking up at this triangular dark spot moving in the sky. When it passed through the sky, the stars that it should have blocked seem to act as if they were never blocked, but you could tell something passed because it was like moving a glass passed something, ever slightly would the stars move like air moves the grass. I tried to get my Father to see the object in the sky, but he could not see it. I knew what it was immediately but had never seen it in action, it was a stealth in full stealth mode.

Seconds later we, I’m not sure who all was in the building, we hiding from somebody or some group of people, a man sitting in a chair, He is one of them, military, cheeks are “bruised” bleeding, he is out of breath, sick, an off look about him, he appears distraught. I look at him and with compassing I said, “ its viral, isn’t it?” He answered “Yes”.

Down in New Orleans

Hello, From Mc Cobb down in New Orleans. Been working here doing electrical work and rehab for over a year. It has been a real eye opener as far as how things down here are. It seems that investment opportunities exist, but that locals don’t seem to be the ones taking advantage of it. I have seen more Asain and Mexican people from all over the country desend down on this area in large numbers.
I can only say that you are not being told the whole story by major media. I don’t trust the police and have heard some terrible stories about how corrupt they are. In the world of commercial fishing, those guys will shoot you if you take their location, they will cut each others lines. In crab fishing New Orleans is the only place that 100% loss is recorded for traps (at $25 per trap x 500 traps ave) Thats alot of dollars. This place is going to change but I am not sure what it will become, maybe we will look back in 20yrs and say its the new melting pot for those born outside the USA borders.
I still think its such an adventure I could never walk away from all the opportunities I see. Think of it, it all needs to be rebuilt, even the social structure. Especially the social structure. Think about it. A place to start over, this time hopefully we make better choices.