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The WWW Is Not That Big

I have wrote about the WEB before, describing it as endless sea of information. I now am discovering just how small the WWW is. I know we all talk about how we can find out about any subject we want, but the more I try to find out specific new ideas on any subject I find myself discovering that when it gets down to it, there is a limited about of original thought inside the WEB, information that seems to be transcendental in nature.

I find that with myself, I started to look at the WEB as a guru of information, like a GOD. I have finally been enlightening to just how little we can truly learn from inside the web. Yes,…there is a lot of data inside the web, but it is like anything else, it can only be rearranged so many ways until one discovers that it has no more to offer than spending time with someone and discovering their view of the reality they find themselves in, or looking into the depths of our souls at our reality. There are endless realities just like endless possibilities and when you truly grasp that idea you discover that the rest is just distractions along your journey through this world.

Free Press, or just Propaganda?

How many times have we heard the news agency boasting on having “expert” advice that just happens to be from the government sector. It is as if we hear the same propaganda from different sources making it appear as if all these different reporters are accepting it as their story, when in reality it came from the same press debriefing at the White House.

News reporting should be investigative and should embrace opposition. we should witness a debate on our TV’s for and against a subject. We should have reporters willing to look for the facts and present them with out the worry of loosing their careers.They should make us think about the issue and decide for ourselves what is wright and wrong.


I find that Americans are becoming complacent at being told propaganda as if we are afraid of real news. America is based on freedoms that allow us to be different. If we are all afraid to be different who will stand for us when we take our turn at being outside the circle of popular opinion.

Love Lifes’ Confusion

In the mist of random words one can find truth. Let the words flow from you and listen to what they may tell you. Never let others tell you through negative ways that they can show you the answers to life, for those answers will come with clouds of darkness. Listen instead to the rambling words of those who carry the love of life inside their Being.

Dreams Remembered

So many dreams, so little time to remember them. But if we could?
Many people live years without ever remembering their dreams while others know while they are in the dream. I know that it is possible to know when you are in the dream world, and that it is possible to create whatever reality you want. On the other hand I know that many cannot even begin to wake inside the dream world and there for seem asleep to the reality of waking life. Those of you who can control the dream world will be able to control the waking world. This is not some unknown fact I read in a book, I have witness it by my friends and myself. We are all capable of so much we just need to remember its all a dream. Have fun.

Tom Parker, Hero or Wacko?

Tom Parker is the spokes person of the TV show the Freedom Forum aired on public broadcasting. The Freedom Forum is a TV show down in LA that continue to air 911 videos and speak of ills our government official and President are doing to the Constitution of the US and those who live by its rule.
It seems the more I stay down here, the more I feel I belong. I have never experienced a place that even the police are paranoid of Big Brother. I recently spoke with Tom on air and hope that a few people that listen to our words, dropped out of reality and into the world of the web, a place where we Gencobbers live.
I will continue to watch Tom Parker and his crew at the Freedom Forum. I know he has good info and call him into Generation cobweb. We at wish him great success and safe passage into the future.

Be not afraid of who you are, but fear what others, you do not know, want you to become.

True knowledge

As many of you know prayer works, but why? We do not always have the same image of God in our minds when we pray, we don’t even call him by the same name sometimes, but still the same, prayer seems to work. Why?

Prayer means different things to different people, for now we will agree it is a focus of mind towards a specific thought, or desire. We usually go to a place inside ourselves and look at the world as if we are not capable of failure without an exterior help, Gods help. We alow all things we cannot do to be done by a higher power.

Thought has power. A great master once said “All these things I do, you too shall do and greater!”. If he did not mean it why say it? I believe that we have inate power from the creator to do all things, sometimes selfdoubt gets in the way and we need to as for help, but is it really someone higher than us or could we be allowing ourselve to do what we thought we couldn’t?

Where are we?

Life is like the wear on a car tire in that once you start going down the road of life, you can tell by the wear on the tires how things have been going. Rough roads often show different patterns than a car driven in the city or one that has been highway all the way. Your life starts to show wear on you in the same way and those that can see the patterns can understand the path you have taken.