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Growing Earth Theory Growing

We are always looking for new ideas that will change the next generations thinking and bring that generation a little closer to truth. Neal Adams seems to be the one closest to the truth when it come to our planet and our history. Congradulations Mr Adams. You are Generation Cobweb.

I hope that you take the time to watch the whole series, it will make make you think.

Tom Parker, Hero or Wacko?

Tom Parker is the spokes person of the TV show the Freedom Forum aired on public broadcasting. The Freedom Forum is a TV show down in LA that continue to air 911 videos and speak of ills our government official and President are doing to the Constitution of the US and those who live by its rule.
It seems the more I stay down here, the more I feel I belong. I have never experienced a place that even the police are paranoid of Big Brother. I recently spoke with Tom on air and hope that a few people that listen to our words, dropped out of reality and into the world of the web, a place where we Gencobbers live.
I will continue to watch Tom Parker and his crew at the Freedom Forum. I know he has good info and call him into Generation cobweb. We at wish him great success and safe passage into the future.

Be not afraid of who you are, but fear what others, you do not know, want you to become.

The Collar by the Warr Brothers

THE COLLAR – Trailer

The Collar
I hope everyone has gone to Myspacetv and voted on my friends lastest project “The Collar”.

I remember reading the script and feeling all emotional. The lives of the working class and the struggles with management are a story that is worth watching. The film is done in my home town and the story line is one every factory person can relate too.Hats off to “The Collar”!

Our best wishes for The WARR BROTHERS, We are proud to call you friends. You are Generation Cobweb. To all those who dream, we look to you with praises.

The Bucket List

Just finished watching “The Bucket List”. Some of you know I lost my brother a short time back. This movie brought the concept of death back to the table for me. I can only agree with what the movie tried to say, in my humble opinion.

We must not look to the future to live life, we must not dwell on the past, but instead, think of your life as a whisper in the ear of God, and do not forget that life was meant to be lived!

Did Booth act alone?

No. He had several coconspirators. Perhaps the most interesting was Dr. Samuel Mudd.  In the 1865 conpiracy trial Mudd claimed he didn’t know Booth. However, Dr. Mudd had stayed at Surrat’s boarding house (where the conspiracy was hatched) and it was possible, even likely he knew John Wilkes Booth. More on this later. What is known is that Dr. Mudd set Booth’s broken leg.

After shooting President Lincoln John Wilkes Booth jumped from the Balcony at Fords Theatre breaking his ankle. With adrenalin pumping through his body Booth ran out of the theatre to meet up with another coconspirator David Herold. Mr. Herold had just fled the home of Secretary of State William Seward who was also a target of assassination. Herold had led Lewis Paine to the Secretary’s home where it was planned Paine would kill Seward. Seward survived the attack however.

Leaving Paine to fend for him self Herold met up with Booth just outside of Washington. After stopping at John Lloyd’s tavern the two made their way to Dr. Mudds home around four in the morning. After setting Booths ankle Dr. Mudd allowed the killers to stay at the doctors house until late that afternoon. Booth and Herold then left, making their way south until Booth was killed and Herold captured at Richard Garrett’s farm.