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Why does time seem to be against us?

The Human experience is like looking at a tree with a stop watch. Starting at the base of the tree we tend to see one object of our attention, but as we continue up the trunk, we find that more and more of the tree starts to branch off. It becomes difficult to stay focused on just one part of the tree and you become overwelmed at the endless paths the tree seems to offer the veiwer, making the experience seem as if we need more time to enjoy all the tree has to offer. Time seems to rob us of all the tree has to offer.

God, the word

One must accept that no two people can share the identical emotional and mental images as another. The best we can hope for is a rudimentary understanding. This makes discussion of philosophy so darn interesting. Mention God to anyone and then try to get every aspect of his or her idea, or “meaning” of that word and you end up with a great never-ending debate. For even the words used must be defined in the same manner or the true “knowing” will never be achieved. It would be a debate that would lead to forever. How can two people ever really share the same reality of thought? Maybe silence is the only way?

True knowledge

As many of you know prayer works, but why? We do not always have the same image of God in our minds when we pray, we don’t even call him by the same name sometimes, but still the same, prayer seems to work. Why?

Prayer means different things to different people, for now we will agree it is a focus of mind towards a specific thought, or desire. We usually go to a place inside ourselves and look at the world as if we are not capable of failure without an exterior help, Gods help. We alow all things we cannot do to be done by a higher power.

Thought has power. A great master once said “All these things I do, you too shall do and greater!”. If he did not mean it why say it? I believe that we have inate power from the creator to do all things, sometimes selfdoubt gets in the way and we need to as for help, but is it really someone higher than us or could we be allowing ourselve to do what we thought we couldn’t?

Free Yourself from Ignorance

Lots of people have no dreams, few people have dreams, even fewer lives their dreams daily. Ask yourself why today, and for the next few days, and you will find the answer complex, filling your mind with visions, a journey into different paths.

Thinking will inlighten yourself in ways you didn’t even know before. Unlock the wisdom inside yourself. By simply thinking, one gains insight into the world around them. You may be surprised at what you already know.

Together into the Rabbit Hole

I can only hope that you are still out there, surfing what has become the greatest research library that “common man” has ever seen, the Web. It seems to me, we can now produce people that are “specialized” in certain areas of knowledge. Anyone can place information on the web, but not every one will put the pieces together in the same pattern. Only in the past few years have people like you and me been able to read and watch so much information on a subject. We are able to get information at a whim, and able to gain so much information in such a short amount of time, that we become schooled in the very things that interest us the most. For some of us looking into “truth”, we find brothers and sisters in much the same comfusion as ourselves, trying to find and end to the puzzle, the truth behind our government, the schools, and the very society we find our selves in. I can only say that one should not go down the rabbet hole so deep that they cannot find common ground the people around them, as so not become so different as to make the others see you as different that themselves. We must all try go down the rabbet hole as a group, so that at the end we all can “wake up” to the new common truth and not bury those few that tried to lead others into the rabbit hole.

Yesterdays Clouds

The Future, that great unknown experience waiting to happen, is always within our vision. Sometimes it is clouded by our feeling of yesterday, sometimes it is that very thing that gets us through today. Whatever it is, it cannot be stopped.
When I see the future in my mind I am at difference with myself, with both hope and fear. What I do know is the restlessness of being all mankind is feeling, that something, something big, is coming in the future. Somewhere inside the minds of the seers, is the truth. Fear the future enough so it will change you, love it for why it will stengthen you.

In the Spiders Web

I have been away only to return to the one place we can still find truth, the Web. It is so easy to get lost in the real world, forgetting that this is all a carefully thought out society, designed to keep very few people in power. I cannot say when or how, or even if we will ever be free from their will, but I know that we must be aware of who they are and what they are planning. Be carefull of those you look up to in the media,for your heroes today will soon be discovered to be carefully manipulated puppets that were placed infront of us to give us the illusion of hope while we sink into even greater darkness… Why is the web, created by the government, seem to be the last place to gather for free speach?… Do you find it odd. Could it be the very web that was spun only to catch the very people who oppose and will fight the future changes that will take place. How easy we make it for them to find us… Soon the spider will eat its pray, are you ready?

Where does one find truth, in the rhyme or the riddle?

Words are magical, we never fully understand how they will effect someone. each word is filled with different visions and memories that give a slightly different image. It is for this very reason I believe that my writing can reach someone in their time of need. I write with my mind filled with thoughts. I try to chose words the best way I can. Sometimes that means my writings are hard to understand for the masses. On the other side they usually reach someone as truth, it is they who the message was for, not everyone else.