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The Question is…..

“How can a government for the people by the people exist when those that run it are controlled by the greed of a few business people?

The Answer is…

“It cannot exist. When a country that is controlled by less than 5% of the richest people that place their wealth before the peoples best wishes than it is not a government for the people by the people, it is nothing more than a land that is controlled by a few Kings and Queens.”

Don’t fear the dark

We seem to forget that reality is our dream to dream.
We alone must create the ultimate limitations in our lives, our own illusions of this dream we are in.
If we find ourselves in a life that is growing darker, it is us that decide to go deeper into that dark place.
We must realize that even in darkness one can find peace. There can be many lessons taught in the dark places of life.

Trapped like a dreamer waiting to wake up.

As you begin to enter my world, reading every word image by image, I can only wonder where this will take us. I open my mind and let my words enter my hands as they become letters on the page. As I read what is written I feel we are connected in time.
You, help me write ideas that we share in the heart. The thoughts flow from my mind as if I’m being told each word, not thinking of what I’ m writing, or even how it will come out.
Imagine that there is no time, that somehow your thoughts are mine. We write what must be written. Sharing our deepest needs like souls from the same mother. We are not existing in the natural world now, but are in the world of imagination, trapped like a dreamer waiting to wake up. Slowly, word by word the illusions become reality, your thoughts become mine, and my emotions become yours. Together we can enlighten ourselves to the answers we seek, sharing this journey as friends walking the same path.