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Books of interest;
Lost Book of Abraham
The Secret of the Federal Reserve
Committee of 300
The Unknown Jesus (or, The Unknown Life Of Jesus)
Jesus, The Last of the Hebrew Pharaoh

Key words to look into;
Ring of Power/ British Mint
NWO spelled backwards “OWN”
“Paperclip/Fort Hunt/Nazi”
City States, 3 worldwide
Broken cross/peace sign

Interesting Fact
Bush told a story of a pet “goat” when 911 happened

You may find I cannot expose every little piece of info to everyone, sometimes I will let you find it. Good luck!

Gustavs’ Brother Ike

Gustav rode high over New Iberia with little impression in my mind. Many people felt its pain, with high water and no power, but for me, and my family, the storm did little to harm us.
Now for its brother, Ike was a tough S.O.B. with water being its most dangerous memory.
I could get to Saint Mary’s Parish during Gustav, but Ike swelled the Gulf so that two days later, we still cannot return. Power and flooding seems to be a fact that will remain for days, with weeks before the repairs to bridges out. I can only hope, all will get though these next few days knowing, this too will pass.
Hopefully I will have video converted soon.

Gustav”s Song for the night

Mc Cobb I am, New Iberia is where I am, one night before Gustavs’ landfall. We are preparing for our first hurricane. We did not plan to be hear but fate seems to have placed us right inline for Gustavs’ Dance of Destruction.
I started a video tonight. I placed a new tape in the camera while a man was on the TV, and thought it would be a good start for my video, turns out that it was perfect. This is the video.
Ray LaMontagne — Austin City Limits — Heaven Is A Honky Tonk

Ray LaMontagne…This is the one song, the song for everyone who will loose their life in the wake of this storm. I wanted to say thanks for a beautiful song. I love it. For all who will loose their lives to Gustav, we will remember you.

Dreams Remembered

So many dreams, so little time to remember them. But if we could?
Many people live years without ever remembering their dreams while others know while they are in the dream. I know that it is possible to know when you are in the dream world, and that it is possible to create whatever reality you want. On the other hand I know that many cannot even begin to wake inside the dream world and there for seem asleep to the reality of waking life. Those of you who can control the dream world will be able to control the waking world. This is not some unknown fact I read in a book, I have witness it by my friends and myself. We are all capable of so much we just need to remember its all a dream. Have fun.

Tom Parker, Hero or Wacko?

Tom Parker is the spokes person of the TV show the Freedom Forum aired on public broadcasting. The Freedom Forum is a TV show down in LA that continue to air 911 videos and speak of ills our government official and President are doing to the Constitution of the US and those who live by its rule.
It seems the more I stay down here, the more I feel I belong. I have never experienced a place that even the police are paranoid of Big Brother. I recently spoke with Tom on air and hope that a few people that listen to our words, dropped out of reality and into the world of the web, a place where we Gencobbers live.
I will continue to watch Tom Parker and his crew at the Freedom Forum. I know he has good info and call him into Generation cobweb. We at wish him great success and safe passage into the future.

Be not afraid of who you are, but fear what others, you do not know, want you to become.

Why does time seem to be against us?

The Human experience is like looking at a tree with a stop watch. Starting at the base of the tree we tend to see one object of our attention, but as we continue up the trunk, we find that more and more of the tree starts to branch off. It becomes difficult to stay focused on just one part of the tree and you become overwelmed at the endless paths the tree seems to offer the veiwer, making the experience seem as if we need more time to enjoy all the tree has to offer. Time seems to rob us of all the tree has to offer.

Fast Food Politics

We are still in a stuggle for our freedoms. Most people look at the day and see the weather, its good, its bad. For me, I still see the day for what is is, an opportunity to make change. I find myself getting into C-Span and watching congress debate. The more I watch, the more I find myself realizing that I may be like them. I care about what affects me and my values. For me to make any change I must get involved. This is what we should all do. If you really care about government, you may need to change your career. Its easy being a polititian from behind the counter at the fast food restarant.

God, the word

One must accept that no two people can share the identical emotional and mental images as another. The best we can hope for is a rudimentary understanding. This makes discussion of philosophy so darn interesting. Mention God to anyone and then try to get every aspect of his or her idea, or “meaning” of that word and you end up with a great never-ending debate. For even the words used must be defined in the same manner or the true “knowing” will never be achieved. It would be a debate that would lead to forever. How can two people ever really share the same reality of thought? Maybe silence is the only way?