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The Illuninati

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For many years I have written about those in power. Unsure of who they were, and what they wanted, I have gained much light on the subject in those many years. I have started to ask myself if this interest could make me a candidate for the ranks of power. I told a young man today that people who show interest into a subject are usually the ones who know the most about it. Could we be preparing ourselves to stand in the ranks of power because we are the few who show interest. If so, will those who will replace us, question our decisions, the way we question those in control of us?



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Just wanted to say, you can still find excellent buys on the web. Recently, I was looking for rings and found just what I wanted. It took several months of looking, but the time came and I was surprised at my cost. Lets just say, I was smiling all day. I know this web page is about the truth, well?, the truth is you can still find bargains in this web. Thanks to those who forgot to check out eBay and bid against me.


The Voice of Evil (1hr of raw recording)

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This recording is from 1999. It is the best that I can do with the audio, sorry.

It is a story of a father who takes the “reverse speech” a little too far when he starts playing around with recording his baby and the interactions with other people. It gives me the chills in a very real and dark understanding of what takes place. I again beg you too forgive the audio, there is only one true tape of this event and I simply put new batteries in my tape recorder and downloaded what came out. The speed was for some reason slower that it should have been, but my recorder may be going bad. This is worth your time. I will try to improve the audio if I can.

I have wrote about the WEB before, describing it as endless sea of information. I now am discovering just how small the WWW is. I know we all talk about how we can find out about any subject we want, but the more I try to find out specific new ideas on any subject I find myself discovering that when it gets down to it, there is a limited about of original thought inside the WEB, information that seems to be transcendental in nature.

I find that with myself, I started to look at the WEB as a guru of information, like a GOD. I have finally been enlightening to just how little we can truly learn from inside the web. Yes,…there is a lot of data inside the web, but it is like anything else, it can only be rearranged so many ways until one discovers that it has no more to offer than spending time with someone and discovering their view of the reality they find themselves in, or looking into the depths of our souls at our reality. There are endless realities just like endless possibilities and when you truly grasp that idea you discover that the rest is just distractions along your journey through this world.


Free Press, or just Propaganda?

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How many times have we heard the news agency boasting on having “expert” advice that just happens to be from the government sector. It is as if we hear the same propaganda from different sources making it appear as if all these different reporters are accepting it as their story, when in reality it came from the same press debriefing at the White House.

News reporting should be investigative and should embrace opposition. we should witness a debate on our TV’s for and against a subject. We should have reporters willing to look for the facts and present them with out the worry of loosing their careers.They should make us think about the issue and decide for ourselves what is wright and wrong.


I find that Americans are becoming complacent at being told propaganda as if we are afraid of real news. America is based on freedoms that allow us to be different. If we are all afraid to be different who will stand for us when we take our turn at being outside the circle of popular opinion.

Did you know Phil Donahue, who was controversial about the “facts” of the war, was taken off the air because of his opinion? If no one can give any true debate to the “official” report, we should just let the Government run the news agencies. At least then we could see who is really controlling the news.