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The Upcoming Helium Shortage

During my surfing I happen to run across a little known fact…We are about to run out of our Federal Reserve of Helium. This information surprised me, did I not just see a bunch of balloons at the last birthday party? Certainly we would not be wasting such a rare gas. I discovered that some say the price to fill a balloon with Helium should be more like $100s. Wow! It mad me think of the illusion of Oil. One barrel of oil is not worth $100s but really One to Two human years of labor just to extract and becoming harder as we slip past the peak oil, but yet somehow we continue as if we are in the Tribulation saying everything is alright because we will soon see our saviour.

Been trying to live life with my head in the sands…

So,…been trying to live life with my head in the sands and forgetting the world is falling apart before my very eyes. Most people are. No doubt about either realizing this is all real, or they will be soon. Some think it is because of presidential desicions, for some its crooks on Wal Street and for others its the Devil…what ever.

I have come to the very real knowledge the beginning of the end of the way we live will 100% change and will never be again. The world supply of oil is now, most likely, past peak oil. The point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached,.which the price of oil will be rising until we can no longer use it.

When the masses realize this, it will be too late. They will probably be the 80% loss of lives by 2020, that Henry Kissinger talked about. This sounds like a Dooms Day prophecy, and in a way it is, but we can also look at it as a healing time for Earth and those who will be born in the future Earth World.

Gulf Of Mexico

Hello from Mc Cobb. Been a long time since I have written. There has been much changes in the world since we last spoke. I have been working in the Gulf of Mexico. I have seen first hand the beauty the water has to offer. I also must comment on how BP continues to demand respect for the water and the life it contains. I am proud to be a part of the team of workers devoted to making our world a better place.

Well here we go again../

I find myself looking at the time that has passed and realize that I am still interested at these subjects. Where does one go when one looks for truth? The eyes? Where do you look for truth, the heart the soul? How does one know with certainty that one is seeing truth. Would not deception to the one who is deceived seem to be truth. Can one look inside oneself to actually know truth or can they only see it only through the eyes of one who sees through the eyes of love?

You Get What You Pay For

Do you still discuss, “Who” your going to vote for? Do you think that by picking one of the options presented to you will have real difference. Let me ask you, who is paying for those choices and why? What vested interest would they have in placing a person in the White House? Power. That is the real truth. Power over legal decisions ranging how to spend the taxpayers livelihood, to new laws that can keep them in power. Before you tell someone who you are for ask yourself if you like the people and ideas that payed for them?

Still upset at the President?

Still upset at the President? Do you really think He is controlling things? If you payed millions to get someone a job, would you have major favors? I would like to hope I didn’t waste a few million on a candidate. I would expect to get some investment back, right? How much would be good? 10%, 30%, even more? I would definitely be owed a few favors.

So, here is what we need to do.
First, we need to see who brought this guy to power and then hit them where it hurts…their wallets. Stop using there business or service. Maybe we can even look to changing the amount a person or business can donate? Tighten up the huge campaign contributions and let the small guy have a chance. Just a thought.