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New Articles on GenCob–4/18/07

Two new articles have been added to the GenCob archives.

The Perfect Man: A Short Analysis of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”

    It is not until the Green Knight’s speech, of which the second passage is a section, that Gawain discovers that his nemesis is actually his hospitable host and has slyly used his wife to assess Gawain’s resolve to maintain the integrity of his values.  However, even upon an initial reading of the text, there are clues that suggest that there is something peculiar about the friendly lord […]

“The Crucifixion”: A Short Analysis of the Medieval York Play 

 The purpose of the soldiers’ remarks in the first passage is to give the viewer a sense of dramatic irony. According to the footnote associated with lines 65-70, the passage can be interpreted as: “You should be meditating, with all your might and main, on the wicked deeds you’ve done. ––I think he might better have stopped saying the kind of things he thought up. –He’ll sorely repent those words soon, despite all his babbling.” Basically, the soldiers are telling Jesus that he doesn’t realize the significance about what is about to take place. But, in fact, the opposite is true. […]