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Facts of Increasing War Technology

One would think by all the news publicity of how precise our new weapons are, one is surprised to find the facts on civilian deaths.

WW1 10% of all deaths where civilian
WW2 50% of all deaths where civilian
Vietnam 70% of all deaths where civilian
Iraq 90% of all deaths where civilian

If we are so precise at killing, then one would have to see killing civilians as deliberate. We must demand higher standards from our killing machine, by asking why so many innocent human beings are dieing at our hands.

It would be like the police surrounding a building that was fulled with innocent women and children being held with out their consent by terrorist, then having the police blow up the building in order to kill the very terrorist who are imprisoning the innocent. All the time having the weaponry to save as many human lives as possible, but choosing not to.

Before you or your sons and daughters go to war, remind them of the spiritual cost of taking innocent lives. It will be they who carry that burden, not the political parties that sent them. War is a very personal cost. One that is paid for by doubts and questions, visions that haunt the soul and in the end will often seem unnecessary.

911 – Revisited

911 Mysteries

No event in the past thirty years has altered the lives of Americans as dramatically as 911. Called a terrorist attack by the US government it has been used to attack our individual freedom and security. It has also been used to bring war upon foreign nations. Was it really a terrorist attack? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


It’s about the Oil!

Who is the soon to be Vice-President? Would he agree with what we at “Generation Cobweb” have been saying?...Its about the OIL!!
Maybe not all of what we say, but he does question Cheney and the Oil profits.
Listen to him in this video clip I ran across.

I do question some of his “after school clubs”. Check the list out according to Wikipedia;
Alfalfa Club,
World Economic Forum,
Committee on Foreign Relations (chairman)
Committee on the Judiciary
o Subcommittee on Antitrust Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
o Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs (chairman)
o Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law
o Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Refugees
o Subcommittee on Technology Terrorism and Homeland Security
* Caucus on International Narcotics Control (co-chairman)
Now ask yourself, if we are right, why choose a man with these qualifications.
Look for ways that “The agenda” could play out, if he was to sell us out.
Could he play a role in the new North American Union, or further loss of our rights,…How about China’s role in the US.
Just Think about it. He may be on our side, (he is the poorest guy in the game!)
He would not sell us out,… would he?
Keep an eye on his net worth if he becomes VP. That may shed light on who’s side he’s on. I personally am very skeptical, but I remain hopefull. May we all live in a free America.

Still believe heat melted to steel?

We must not allow these criminals to succeed in their goals, whatever they may be. If the truth was suppressed in our media, and by our leaders, than are they not the ones we should investigate. Instead we still allow them to get their hold on US even tighter. They hope we move on and give up. Revolution of mind is the FIRST of all to start. Wake everyone up to the truth.

You will soon know who is wants to stay asleep and who wants to wake up. Strengthen those who want to wake up. For those who cannot awaken, or don’t wish to, consider them too sick to heal, they may be the death of you in years to come.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Even more weird signs

Still need more info, keep looking, they are proud of how smart they are, they don’t even think we can see the signs that are placed in front of us. They are laughing are are ignorance. Wake up from the dream they are telling you, this is not a fairy tale, this is a nightmare!

The Numbers Game

They do not hide in darkness, they show wisdom in every cell of their being. They are the “Illuminati”

These actions are carefully planned, there is no coincidence. Be not fooled by their cunning, but deceitfull minds. They are against US. The very ones who lead US, are the very ones that we must fear…Or should it be the opposite?