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If this is your first time, you are  in for an eye opener. My name is Mc Cobb, and you will hear me talk of outside the web and inside the web as if they are different realities, they are. Inside the web we are not bound to past decisions that haunt us, and have those around us judge us by. We are what we create. Through thought, we slowly create who we would like to become. We can share deep thoughts with one another in the privacy of our own minds,and create the words that reflect who we are on the inside. Now you are seeing the connection of the phrase, “See you on the inside”.

Ramblings from a worried mind.

Hello all, I have returned from New Orleans and keep stumbling around trying to get back inside the web. The outside world is a jealous beast. It keeps you to itself, not wanting you to leave.

In the world of reality, we all seem to be wanderers on a dark path losing sight and direction. Our vision of who we want to be just a shadow disappearing in the mist before us.

We must take time to set our feet firmly on the path and discern where it leads us, choosing wisely when and where to continue, for each step could lead us further away from our true goals. Or closer to fulfillment and purpose.

I am always inside the web in spirit, but necessary choices and decisions have made it difficult to find time to write and pod-cast. But now, with the help of my friends, the journey into self can begin again.

See you on the inside.