The Work of the Propaganda Machine, Vladimir Putin Friend or Foe?

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Imagine that you discovered your countries oil resources were being stolen with out any financial payments to your people.

Imagine that You discovered your countries financial control was in the hands of another, and that their intent was to keep you from becoming free?

Imagine you had the strength to stand up to them?

How long would it take them to send their war mongers to destroy you?

Please watch and decide for yourself, what this man for and against before you let Propaganda Machine decide for you.

I hope this will spark in you the desire to seek out other opinions. Peace be upon you all!


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Duane Wellenkamp

I agree with a strong Nationalist government in Russia. Ours will never do the right thing while the Big Banks hold its purse strings. The Jewish bankers and the NWO don’t like Nationalism because they are not in control of it. Nationalism works because in a nationalized government there are no minorities for the left to come to aid and right supposed wrongs for.

March 10th, 2014 at 10:57 am

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