Israel, For Jews only! Christian and Muslems must leave or be put to death!

Israel, For Jews only! Christian and Muslems must leave or be put to death!


I am here today to SPEAK UP! We may have been fed lies in the form of propaganda, when it comes to Israel. I have over the past month been trying to find the truth and I am ill at the violence that has been handed out by the very people who demand my compassion because of their own persecution.If I was to assume a group that would show compassion for hate I would have looked to the Jews, for I was always told about their great suffering at the hands of the Nazis. Unfortunately, I have found a Nation that is number one when it comes to racist ideology, and a total lack of human kindness towards those seeking safety from war-torn countries such as Africa.

We all have an obligation to ourselves and the world around us to question our leaders and our media when it come to the killing of civilians. I know it is easy to believe what ever we are seeing on the news and listening to on the radio, or even what our friends and family are repeating. It is far more difficult to look into matters we so often shrug off as not our concern, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and so on and so on. But, it does concern us.

We all remember standing by the wayside while a bully and their friends picked on someone else, thanking God that it was not you they had turned their attention too. Only to find their attention focused on you days later, praying to God that someone would step in and stop them. Many times these people never get shut down out of fear they may focus their attention to those who speak up. They


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