Mind-Stretching Bigfoot

Mind-Stretching Bigfoot

I have been, what I call, “mind-stretching” for many years now. You may be wondering what that is? Mind-stretching is the act of placing images or ideas into ones mind in order to connect one common idea to an idea that seems too far out to be real.

For example, I have taken a simple concept of human mutations, like wolf-man disease, (Hypertrichosis, also called Ambras syndrome, an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body), and the occasional extra body part in the case of human tails and slowly allow ones mind to visualize how through possible real-life events like slavery and the breeding of humans like farm animals on could get how a human body much different than ours could become a legend like in the case of Bigfoot.

Lets assume that Bigfoot is or was real, that those who reported these events told the truth. What could the possible reality be behind this mystery? One possibility is that they are humans, possibly a feral race of humans. Humans that have been living outside our society in very small packs that have our capacity of learning but without the orthodox teachings.

We know that there have been children who for what ever reasons became feral. We have witnessed a fur that seems to grow probably due to not having any clothes rubbing the body. The behavior of these humans seems more like a wild animal than anything human, but yet we still see them as humans.

What if, many many years ago during the dark times when men and women were put on display at side shows, owned by the proprietor of that establishment like a slave or a pet. We all know how the African slave world was due to stories passed down, but the story of the enslaved “Wolf-man” has not been told.

This is the beginning of that story, part historical fact and part hope…

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