Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Next Big Financial Bubble to Burst

How many times have we as a nation sat back and watched those who we trust such as our Banker, our Congressman/woman, even our Priest, only to find out they were corrupt? Most of the time their punishment is so soft we cannot believe it. We simply complain amongst ourselves but accomplish nothing. So, the trend continues with those in power, getting the right to abuse their power until they are found out, then they receive a light, if any sentence and go on with their lives.

We have been told a lie by our financial Institutions that if we sell our children in debt in the form of nonworking years and more education, then they will have a better life than everyone who did not go to college. Instead they lose four our eight years of income producing and trade it for debt producing years!
Our children before starting their working life have $830,000Billion in debt! Forget the mortgage, the car, our even the interest on the debt we created. How is this next Generation ever going to be free. We as their protectors and Teachers need to show them a different way.

The Upcoming Helium Shortage

During my surfing I happen to run across a little known fact…We are about to run out of our Federal Reserve of Helium. This information surprised me, did I not just see a bunch of balloons at the last birthday party? Certainly we would not be wasting such a rare gas. I discovered that some say the price to fill a balloon with Helium should be more like $100s. Wow! It mad me think of the illusion of Oil. One barrel of oil is not worth $100s but really One to Two human years of labor just to extract and becoming harder as we slip past the peak oil, but yet somehow we continue as if we are in the Tribulation saying everything is alright because we will soon see our saviour.