Month: November 2011

Been trying to live life with my head in the sands…

Been trying to live life with my head in the sands…

So,…been trying to live life with my head in the sands and forgetting the world is falling apart before my very eyes. Most people are. No doubt about either realizing this is all real, or they will be soon. Some think it is because of presidential desicions, for some its crooks on Wal Street and for others its the Devil…what ever.

I have come to the very real knowledge the beginning of the end of the way we live will 100% change and will never be again. The world supply of oil is now, most likely, past peak oil. The point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached,.which the price of oil will be rising until we can no longer use it.

When the masses realize this, it will be too late. They will probably be the 80% loss of lives by 2020, that Henry Kissinger talked about. This sounds like a Dooms Day prophecy, and in a way it is, but we can also look at it as a healing time for Earth and those who will be born in the future Earth World.

We have taken a commodity that will never be replaced, that was created in a breath of Earths life, only to use it up in a blink of the eye. Like little children we have looked at this world we live in and have only thought of ourselves, never even thinking of our Grandchildren or any one else for that matter. We are selfish, ignorant animals that believe we are superior to everything because we have learned how to capture fire in a metal mold we made called a combustion engine. We started wasting this commodity, as if it was nothing more than endless time.