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Is it possible to travel through time?

Is it possible to travel through time? This is a question that has been posed by thinkers for millennia. The question has been presented in numerous works of literature, and also in the motion picture industry. Unfortunately, these works are very misleading as you will see shortly. Although the correct theory of time travel may still be unknown, the least we can do is identify which theories are flawed.

The first thing we must realize is that there are several theories involving time travel. I will refer to them as:
• “DeLorean” Theory of Time Travel
• “Light Speed” Theory of Time Travel
• “Multiverse” Theory of Time Travel
We must also understand a few terms before we proceed
tA –time at which you leave your destination
lA –the location at which you leave your time
tB –the time at which you arrive at your destination

The first theory we will examine is what I call the “DeLorean” Theory of Time Travel, which is the most widely known version. We have seen this theory portrayed in movies like “Back to the Future,” and “The Time Machine.” In theory, the individual would leave at a certain point and place in time (tA, lA), and would arrive at another point in time (tB, lA). It sounds easy enough. Input your destination and accelerate to 88mph. But it is flawed. To understand this, we must understand the nature of the universe we live in.

You Get What You Pay For

Do you still discuss, “Who” your going to vote for? Do you think that by picking one of the options presented to you will have real difference. Let me ask you, who is paying for those choices and why? What vested interest would they have in placing a person in the White House? Power. That is the real truth. Power over legal decisions ranging how to spend the taxpayers livelihood, to new laws that can keep them in power. Before you tell someone who you are for ask yourself if you like the people and ideas that payed for them?