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As an outsider to the Masonic World, I often looked at symbols left by past masons as evil, “them against us” attitude. I am now a  32 degree Master Mason.

Over the past few years I have been given enlightenment on several subjects. I found myself learning different things for the degree work one must learn in order to become a Master Mason. During that time I wondered what I was getting myself into. Some of the information was foreign, as if it was lifetimes ago, but some of it was inside me already. I continued to study and soon found myself a 32 degree Mason.

I can not say all Masons are good, or that we want to take over the world. I can say for me, I believe that all men have good and bad qualities inside them and that no man should be punished by someone for their beliefs. I believe if one holds the wrong beliefs they will punish themselves, pain and suffering will be the fruits of their works. As for taking over the world, I can only speak for myself…I would love the world to be more like me, but, I too have glitches, and realize that the world would still be messed up. We need to look beyond race and religionn and see ourselves as one world, one brotherhood.We need to take charge of our own actions and look at how they effect others. Some actions feel right for an individual but are bad for everyone else. We need to be willing to make sacrifices for the good of others, without giving those who would harm society strength.


Why is it so important for us to think we have done something great? What is it in us that makes us strive to be different, to make our mark on this world? We often think Jobs, people or things will make us happy but they only do for a short while. Now think of the last time you made a friend, a real friend for life…now that is where happiness starts.

2012….Not quite sure

Hello Gencobb. I have recently been looking into the 2012 events and have decided that it initself may not be anything we have to fear, having said that I must say I am still afraid that those in power may use it for their benefit. I still see the collapse and bankruptcies of many nations including the US. I still see wide spread loss of life. Many of these will look like a natural disaster but in fact they will be the agendas of those in high places.