Monthly Archives: June 2010

Lost Souls

Love and hate…many people think of these emotions as completely separate. recently a good man passed away due to human error. he results of those actions led to a spiraling into darkness for some and the burden of strength for others.
I wonder for those who are led into darkness, can they not remember the light? Is their pain so great that they can cause pain needlessly and purposefully to those they are supposed to love? What makes some people embrace insanity at a time of sorrow?
To all those lost souls, I pray that you may embrace the Light and step out of the Darkness and Ignorance you find yourselves in. Things happen and The Great Architect knows the plan. We must trust in the Plan and try to be as compassionate and loving as we can. Every great teacher has taught this universal truth, now is the time to embrace it. Peace and love be the greatest power we have at our disposal.