Monthly Archives: May 2010

Fountain of youth

We all experience a moments of fear, when we don’t know what is ahead of us. It is these times we find out our beliefs.
Anyone can believe, when things are going great, but, at times that fear is near, we must look deep into the wells of our soul to find true belief. it is there we find the sustenance that keeps us going.
Have you taken the time to keep your well clean, or have you slowly contaminated it with anger and hatred. Have you allowed someones well to contaminate your own. It is time you start realizing that you are the protector of your own fountain of youth. We are the ones who place poisons in the well or adding nutrients for future strength.
Start becoming aware of what you allow into your well, it may be the difference in being young or feeling old.

oil slick reality

Welcome to Generation Cobweb.I thought tonight I would write about the Great Oil Slick. I do not know what we will call this in later generations but I can tell you first hand that the news is under reporting its dangerous situation.
We thought a simple cone would funnel up the oil, problem solved. Too simple, we soon found out that the severe cold created problems we have not solved yet. So we move to drilling another hole and try this all over again…The problem is the pressure the PSI of the reserve. Never before have we seen the 60,000 psi. We could possibly create another hole we cannot control.
I ask a simple question, what will the temperature change due to the black insulation that continues to grow. Could we be looking at global climate change from the water temperature changing?