Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Illuninati

For many years I have written about those in power. Unsure of who they were, and what they wanted, I have gained much light on the subject in those many years. I have started to ask myself if this interest could make me a candidate for the ranks of power. I told a young man today that people who show interest into a subject are usually the ones who know the most about it. Could we be preparing ourselves to stand in the ranks of power because we are the few who show interest. If so, will those who will replace us, question our decisions, the way we question those in control of us?


One may find the ramblings of a confused mind soothing.
The waves of insanity gently washing over the sands of reason.
The footsteps of ones memories washed away with every wave.
Should we embrace those words or listen to another shore.
All the world the playground for the mind.
All the mind a playground for the soul.
And the soul a playground for the heart.
Who is the master of the vessel of life?
Who should dare admit control over this?
I dare not say I am that person whose certainty comforts insanity.