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History Of Weed (careful on your assumpions)

Here we look into a the history most of us have never thought to learn. It has become a taboo subject to talk about or even write about. People often associate the subject with long haired hippie freaks. We at Generation Cobweb want you to look at the subject with new eyes, the eyes of a student looking at a new subject for the first time. Please examine the subject for what it is…INFORMATION. That’s what we’re about. We do not endorse the use, nor put one down for wanting to legalize it. They have persuasive arguments when compared to alcohol and caffeine.watch?


Top three casualties of terrorism

When asked to define pornography Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “I don’t know what it is, but I’ll know it when I see it”. The same principle applies to terrorism, you may not know how to define it but you can and should know it when you see it. It is not always something as dramatic as planes flying into buildings; often the threat of violence is just as effective as the violence itself.

I have a very broad view of terrorism. I don’t limit terrorist acts to Islamic Jihadists. Governments, religious groups or political organizations, almost every group has used terrorism in one form or another, sometimes unknowingly. It is up to us identify and resist the use of terror by any one at any time.

Recently the health care debate has driven the war on terror off the front page but that does not mean terrorism has gone away. Quite the opposite, it is increasing and becoming much more sophisticated. But this blog is not meant to frighten anyone, the more we worry about terrorism the more likely we are to be affected by it, I want to make you aware of what terrorism is so you can arm yourself against it – not with guns but with intelligence and courage. Remember, the first casualty of a terrorist campaign is common sense; the second trust, the third – freedom.