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Distracted By The Web

In this world of the web, one finds himself/herself in an endless library. Overwhelmed by the information one can get, we must all use it like a tool. It is easy to become distracted, always have a pen and paper when surfing and hit your favorite button as often as needed. Then go back and surf that wave of information, all the while saving that which is very important to your mind. It seems difficult to get back to where the information was at during “hard surfing”. The info one desires may not be as endless as you originally thought. May times people are redundant, reprinting clipping and adding new music to the same basic info.

“The King of Pop” conspiracy?

Yes, even His death makes one wonder about the pull of those in power. Did his last song express His views too well? In this video series one is brought into the light about a subject that laid outside my knowledge until now. This is just one more link in a world of wisdom we share together. May we all wake to our true potential and win this battle with Darkness.


Thanks Jesse Ventura

We at Generation Cobweb would like to say thanks to Jesse for the wonderful show he and his crew did on his Conspiracy Theories series that aired tonight on TruTV. Most of what he said our readers knew, except for the hijackers being in the cock pit before take off! Great job Jesse and crew! Great Job! I hope many of you watched the show and will tell others about the facts. We at Gencobb have not forgotten what happened on September 11. Never forget and always demand the truth from your government.


Tis the Season…

As we at Generation Cobwebb look to the Holidays we see memories of days gone by and somehow are saddened by the loss off another year slipped away into the field of shadows. We look to the commercial holiday, and wish we could get people to realize, it should not be a time to shop, it should not bring stress. It should be a time we reflect on days gone by, and be glad the sun will soon start rising in the sky, bringing with it new life, Spring, and with that the memories of feeling like life is all ahead of you and the sadness of a cold gray days filled with death in the air are soon forgotten till next winter. Christmas is a time for celebrating the great cycle of life this planet go’s through. Enjoy the season, forgive and forget, remember that you will lay on deaths bed someday and until then, celebrate your life.

Settleler runs over palistinian, did US news report it as retailiation?

Many of you know that Israel is illegally occupying in Palestinian land, placing settlers in very strategic locations and making life very difficult for those living in the area ignoring the United Nations. Our news media is so seduced by the Israeli lobbyist that the actions we would normally condemn, are viewed as perverted as just and religiously right.
I ask you, when is violence the answer, why are we supporting the violence? We must understand why we are hated and who we want to be known as. Will our current actions and killings be viewed as wrong? Our actions, even the lack of our actions tell who we really are. America defends the weak, we don’t Kill innocent civilians, we are compassionate, we are religiously tolerant, we don’t hate someone because of there race…Or Do we?

Ask yourself why you think the way you do and who is giving you your facts,

Are You Right?

Ever think you would travel to the dark side? What images go through your mind now? Are you wondering why I asked the question?
I ask the question to make you think of what you think the dark side is. How did you come to that decision. Have you ever thought you might be wrong?
We should all check ourselves when it comes to our images of dark and light, good and evil. Sometimes we may find that we are the ones who are in the dark and it is up to us to step into the light.