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Find and watch this video

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The Big Buy: Tom Delay’s Stolen Congress
Release Year: 2006
Duration: 75 min
Availability: Worldwide
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This film may not be made about your states representative, but it does represent the very real problems of the “Cat and mouse games” and the corporate greed and criminal actions of the US politics. We need to see these people for the whores some of them our. The Lie and cheat to get what they need, We should demand more from our representatives.

The story of how Tom Delay stole the U.S. Congress. It’s the story of one of the most blatant power grabs in American history, and how a District Attorney in Texas turned out to be the biggest threat to the national DeLay Machine. The film is a warning about how easy it is for American democracy to be hijacked by a combination of relentless ambition and corporate millions. It makes the case that DeLay built a “custom-made Congress” that is still providing votes for his agenda.


Bush and Cheney Illegal Actions Lies to US

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In June of 2008, Dennis Kucinich the former Democratic presidential candidate and representative from Ohio introduced into the House of Representatives a resolution to impeach George Bush, the current US President. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not support the resolution, saying the resolution was unlikely to succeed and would be divisive.

 Only two presidents have ever been impeached; Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999 but both were acquitted by the Senate. No Vice President has ever been impeached although during the Bush administration two resolutions to impeach Dick Cheney were introduced. Neither made it out of committee.

You can read the entire text of congressman Kucinich’s resolution to impeach George Bush here.


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Lies, and who should pay

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Are you one who is OK with what America is doing? Have you questioned where we are headed as a country and a people. What happens when they come after you and you realize that nobody will stand up for you. We must be strong and stand up for freedom of speech, especially when we don”t agree. The reason is simple…..when you are that person who the crowd turns against who will be there to save you. Compassion is key to a world of love. Trying to understand why someone believes the way they do is compassion. Who knows, you may have been the one believing in the lie.

I would rather be the first to be killed in the fight for freedom than be the last to die in a world without freedom.

MC Cobb

>Freedom of speech[youtube]


Lets look at “Our” Propaganda Machine

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Be cautious to judge the war in the Middle East based on what you “think” you know. Should America be supporting a illegal occupation, should our tax dollars be going to support such actions as those of the systematic taking of land and ethnic cleansing that Israel is involved with. We are America, and at least in image we are the ones who help those who evil preys on, we should not support actions that we ourselves would not approve of in our own land. Please take the time to watch “Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict”.[youtube]