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Kellum @ Peoria Comedy Club


Finally, the on the web, the first time Danny Kellum ever did stand up at Peoria Comedy Club. Thanks to all who came to the show, thanks for your support and strength. Stay laughing at yourself so others know your sane.
Caution “F-Bomb” used throughout show, SORRY!

Looking For Answers? God

Those of you who are looking for the answers need only look to God for the answers… Ah, there, I said it…..There lays the true question to ponder. It sounds so simple….”Look to God for the answers”. I laugh at the complexity of a simple question. If we knew “WHAT” God “IS”, we posses true knowing. The other questions seem to disappear. So,……God in itself is the answer to our question. Find God, find your answer.. SIMPLE isn’t it.

Maybe not. Knowing what God is and is not may not solve any problems in the present “NOW”. We put our trust in God every day, but we don’t let him drive our cars for us. Maybe some problems our ours to solve and not Gods problem. Maybe we are the ones intended to drive the car of destiny in the right direction. Maybe we are the one who are intended to stand up and be active in our lives and quit waiting for God to change it for us…Yes, We are the ones who must stand up to what is wrong in this world and try to make a difference. I say paddle upstream and make life worth living, take the gift God has given and do something productive with it. There is the true answer to the problems of this world. Nobody is doing anything productive with the gifts we are given. They are not your gifts to waste, they are the worlds to enjoy. If you have a voice speak. If you have visions, share them. If you have a heart, love someone. If you have ears, listen to someone. If you have arms, hug someone. If you are alive, then live.

The Art of Learning.

Occasionally we find ourselves confronted with new information that challenges our belief system. Whether it be political or religious, the key is to first question why you feel your belief is correct, then ponder why they feel theirs is. Listen to them and try to understand where they are coming from. I believe it is called compassion, putting yourself in someone else s shoes. Could that be why most Bibles on Earth say to be childlike and compassionate? Sometimes the lessons we think we know, we do not. It is the duty of the student to challenge what they know, to find the weaknesses of their own belief, and the truths in others.

Looking Back

It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this since before 911! For those just visiting for the first time, Thanks, you will find much information in the site to help wake you up. I would recommend that you see the videos and read everything you can, take notes and then research yourself. You will find the truth you need.