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One side or the other, you will stand.

We all must find the truth that will set us free in our hearts and minds. One cannot know what will free his fellow man, but instead we should teach others to find themselves in times of trouble. We all need help in this crazy life, someone to remind us of who we are and give us hope. I can only wish that through all the negative we discuss inside the pages of our site, I hope you will be comforted to know, you will find yourself and those values you hold, will determine what side of the fence you stand on.

Let it Snow

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This is the video I made for Les’s song Let it Snow. Les and I recorded the song and I got the videos off YouTube.
I have embedded the YouTube video – it should load a lot faster. Here are the credits:

Les Whisler: Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Dan Monk: Guitar, Background Vocals, Bass