Monthly Archives: March 2009

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If you are new to the site , I welcome you to investigate all we have written. We are constantly watching the web to gain new insight into the secrets behind what we call reality. Within these pages we open the mind to new realities, hidden agendas, and knowledge that is in plain sight, but invisible to the average person. Welcome to Generation Cobweb.

Illinios Loses Almost 40,000 Jobs in One Month!

That’s almost every man woman and child in town! We have been telling you that its not hit bottom yet, and yet the news tries to say we could be out of this by next year? Hold on to your seat because the ride is going to get bumpy. Watch “Money Masters” and some of the others we have to help. This is not by chance we find our country in this mess. It took a lot of planning.

Hopeless Desperation

I know so many of you are fearful of the future. It seems like everyone we know is being taken down by this economic trouble facing us all. We have talked about what is happening now for a long time and can only say read between the fine print on the news, it’s all brushed over oh so quickly, but they do tell us. Listen to the news and read the past articles. You will find that you see the news in a new light. I wish I could say we will all make it through this, but we won’t. Be strong and be wise, it is the only thing we can do at this point. I can only say that knowing the game plan makes you a better player! Have a great day!