Month: October 2008

Letter to a congressman

Letter to a congressman

Ordinary people (like you and me) do not want a bail out for the rich and are tired of paying for the fraud and waste heaped upon us by an uncaring government. Here’s a letter from one angry citizen:

Dear Representlive xxxxxx,

I beg you and all of the members of the House of Representatives to NOT PASS this so called “bailout” or “rescue” bill. It only lays an even greater burden on the struggling American citizens of this country.

It does nothing to regulate credit card companies from their predatory interest rate and and default practices. This bill does nothing to help regulate or decrease mortgage interest rates for people who are struggling to make their payments because of job losses and lowered incomes.

If you think that this bill will make it easier for Americans to get a loan for a home, college, healthcare,or a car; let me tell you this–these things are only in our dreams as putting food on the table and buying enough gas to get to work if one is lucky enough to even have a job–this is our reality.

Shame on all the members of Congress for making this bill an even greater tax burden to the citizens of this country by buying “yes” votes (adding earmarks) to pass this bill.

We as American citizens are left to figure out how to get ourselves out of debt with little or no help from our government. Yet the government wants to “bailout” Wallstreet whose greed and predatory practices against the American citizens have caused this financial crisis.