Monthly Archives: September 2008

Love Lifes’ Confusion

In the mist of random words one can find truth. Let the words flow from you and listen to what they may tell you. Never let others tell you through negative ways that they can show you the answers to life, for those answers will come with clouds of darkness. Listen instead to the rambling words of those who carry the love of life inside their Being.


Books of interest;
Lost Book of Abraham
The Secret of the Federal Reserve
Committee of 300
The Unknown Jesus (or, The Unknown Life Of Jesus)
Jesus, The Last of the Hebrew Pharaoh

Key words to look into;
Ring of Power/ British Mint
NWO spelled backwards “OWN”
“Paperclip/Fort Hunt/Nazi”
City States, 3 worldwide
Broken cross/peace sign

Interesting Fact
Bush told a story of a pet “goat” when 911 happened

You may find I cannot expose every little piece of info to everyone, sometimes I will let you find it. Good luck!

Gustavs’ Brother Ike

Gustav rode high over New Iberia with little impression in my mind. Many people felt its pain, with high water and no power, but for me, and my family, the storm did little to harm us.
Now for its brother, Ike was a tough S.O.B. with water being its most dangerous memory.
I could get to Saint Mary’s Parish during Gustav, but Ike swelled the Gulf so that two days later, we still cannot return. Power and flooding seems to be a fact that will remain for days, with weeks before the repairs to bridges out. I can only hope, all will get though these next few days knowing, this too will pass.
Hopefully I will have video converted soon.