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Gustav”s Song for the night

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Mc Cobb I am, New Iberia is where I am, one night before Gustavs’ landfall. We are preparing for our first hurricane. We did not plan to be hear but fate seems to have placed us right inline for Gustavs’ Dance of Destruction.
I started a video tonight. I placed a new tape in the camera while a man was on the TV, and thought it would be a good start for my video, turns out that it was perfect. This is the video.
Ray LaMontagne — Austin City Limits — Heaven Is A Honky Tonk

Ray LaMontagne…This is the one song, the song for everyone who will loose their life in the wake of this storm. I wanted to say thanks for a beautiful song. I love it. For all who will loose their lives to Gustav, we will remember you.


It’s about the Oil!

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Who is the soon to be Vice-President? Would he agree with what we at “Generation Cobweb” have been saying?...Its about the OIL!!
Maybe not all of what we say, but he does question Cheney and the Oil profits.
Listen to him in this video clip I ran across.

I do question some of his “after school clubs”. Check the list out according to Wikipedia;
Alfalfa Club,
World Economic Forum,
Committee on Foreign Relations (chairman)
Committee on the Judiciary
o Subcommittee on Antitrust Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
o Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs (chairman)
o Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law
o Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Refugees
o Subcommittee on Technology Terrorism and Homeland Security
* Caucus on International Narcotics Control (co-chairman)
Now ask yourself, if we are right, why choose a man with these qualifications.
Look for ways that “The agenda” could play out, if he was to sell us out.
Could he play a role in the new North American Union, or further loss of our rights,…How about China’s role in the US.
Just Think about it. He may be on our side, (he is the poorest guy in the game!)
He would not sell us out,… would he?
Keep an eye on his net worth if he becomes VP. That may shed light on who’s side he’s on. I personally am very skeptical, but I remain hopefull. May we all live in a free America.

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Dreams Remembered

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So many dreams, so little time to remember them. But if we could?
Many people live years without ever remembering their dreams while others know while they are in the dream. I know that it is possible to know when you are in the dream world, and that it is possible to create whatever reality you want. On the other hand I know that many cannot even begin to wake inside the dream world and there for seem asleep to the reality of waking life. Those of you who can control the dream world will be able to control the waking world. This is not some unknown fact I read in a book, I have witness it by my friends and myself. We are all capable of so much we just need to remember its all a dream. Have fun.

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Elvis “conspiracy” still alive?

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Even at Gencobb we haven’t pushed the topic of Elvis,Yet, but none the less I will put it out there for what it is. Hope you don’t judge too harsh.
Be open to all possibilities for there are things we will never know. Enjoy!

Here is one just because I loved Elvis.


Tom Parker, Hero or Wacko?

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Tom Parker is the spokes person of the TV show the Freedom Forum aired on public broadcasting. The Freedom Forum is a TV show down in LA that continue to air 911 videos and speak of ills our government official and President are doing to the Constitution of the US and those who live by its rule.
It seems the more I stay down here, the more I feel I belong. I have never experienced a place that even the police are paranoid of Big Brother. I recently spoke with Tom on air and hope that a few people that listen to our words, dropped out of reality and into the world of the web, a place where we Gencobbers live.
I will continue to watch Tom Parker and his crew at the Freedom Forum. I know he has good info and call him into Generation cobweb. We at wish him great success and safe passage into the future.

Be not afraid of who you are, but fear what others, you do not know, want you to become.