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I find it interesting that many people feel we should open up more land and water to oil companys so we can lower the oil price. This would be a great idea if the scarcity of oil was to blame. It seems that the real deal is the oil companies already hold millions of acres untaped leases. So why would they need anymore? I believe that the answer is, they want it all tied up in legal leases and then they can raise the price even more. We should not let these thieves hold any more leases, They want to hold ALL the cards. We must not give them anymore. They will rob us of our natural resources.


The Collar by the Warr Brothers

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THE COLLAR – Trailer

The Collar
I hope everyone has gone to Myspacetv and voted on my friends lastest project “The Collar”.

I remember reading the script and feeling all emotional. The lives of the working class and the struggles with management are a story that is worth watching. The film is done in my home town and the story line is one every factory person can relate too.Hats off to “The Collar”!

Our best wishes for The WARR BROTHERS, We are proud to call you friends. You are Generation Cobweb. To all those who dream, we look to you with praises.

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God, the word

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One must accept that no two people can share the identical emotional and mental images as another. The best we can hope for is a rudimentary understanding. This makes discussion of philosophy so darn interesting. Mention God to anyone and then try to get every aspect of his or her idea, or “meaning” of that word and you end up with a great never-ending debate. For even the words used must be defined in the same manner or the true “knowing” will never be achieved. It would be a debate that would lead to forever. How can two people ever really share the same reality of thought? Maybe silence is the only way?

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George Carlin dies at 71

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George Carlin died yesterday around 6:00 pm (PST) at St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica after being admitted for chest pain. It’s always sad when someone as brilliant and insightful as George Carlin passes.

Just five days ago Carlin was notified he was this years recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

“In his lengthy career as a comedian, writer, and actor, George Carlin has not only made us laugh, but he makes us think,” Kennedy Center Chairman Stephen Schwarzmann said in the announcement of the award. “His influence on the next generation of comics has been far-reaching.”

Carlin is reported to have replied, “Thank you Mr. Twain, Have your people call my people.”

Here’s one of my favorite Carlin routines – it’s hard to pick one as he has so many but this set is still so spot on. Carlin’s humor is timeless, as this video proves. I do have to warn you the language is uncensored, if that offends you don’t watch.



Bet on Opra

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Today, Bette Midler came on the Ophra network to promote her new Las Vegas show. During the show they gave a woman free tickets to her upcoming show in Vegas for her commitment to the very cause that Bet and Ophra claim are their loves.

My beef with all of this is that Vegas is on the top wasteful cities in America. They blow so much electricity just to promote the very business that is built on losers. They waste so much water in just evaporation from the pretty pools that has changed the weather around the region. Vegas is a wasteful city one might ask why or how can someone who claims to be “green” promote themselves in a town that represents waste!

Ophra, Bette, if you truely care about what you say and mean it for ALL, it should start with you first. By bringing your fans to a place that will take your fans money, waste so much resources while doing it, and will waste so much jet fuel in the process, it seems to be one step forward and five steps back.

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