Daily Archives: May 11, 2008

I am Mc Cobb, I am Kellum

I am simply know as “Kellum”. I have been on stage and behind the scenes of film and music for many years. You may have watched as I danced on stage when I was young, walked the runway during the “Dynasty” collection showning, laughed when I was onstage at the Comedy Club, thought I was a prisioner at Statesville during the first season of the hit “Prision-Break“, seen a glimps of me in the Chicago subway in the film “Quebec”, or heard my voice sing about Alzheimer’s in an original song written by friends,”Somewhere else“. You may have seen me drive I55 going to and from New Orleans to help rebuild for the past two years, and now see me floating in the Gulf of Mexico, hanging with a bunch on Asains in their world of fishing, a underworld that is unseen by most white people.

We hope that our actions make a difference in the world. Our words and our actions our standing the test of time. If you are reading this and wish to help us, help us by talking about this site and spreading what we are doing. For my friends on the inside of the web, thanks for adding us to your Myspace, for swapping web site links, wearing our t-shirts, placing our bumper stickers on your cars, for sharing it with your friends and family.