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Does any one ever know?…

What, you ask, is the question? I cannot say a few simple words that can describe the question that everyone asks. It is not the same for everyone, but the the answer is still searched for the same in the heart of every man. If you can find the answer to this question, you will know your very self. This is the riddle of life. May you find peace of mind knowing that the journey is the answer you seek.

Free Yourself from Ignorance

Lots of people have no dreams, few people have dreams, even fewer lives their dreams daily. Ask yourself why today, and for the next few days, and you will find the answer complex, filling your mind with visions, a journey into different paths.

Thinking will inlighten yourself in ways you didn’t even know before. Unlock the wisdom inside yourself. By simply thinking, one gains insight into the world around them. You may be surprised at what you already know.

In Memoriam – Dan Federici


Dan Federici longtime keyboardist/accordian player for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band passed away yesterday after a long battle with melanoma.

Danny (Phantom Dan) was a key part of the Jersey Shore sound that broke out of Asbury Park with Springsteen in the mid-70’s.  Federici had played in a number of bands with Bruce going back to the late 60’s.  Dan’s was a laid back style, keeping to his corner of the stage, yet weaving his organ sound around and through so many Springsteen classics.  His accordian work on songs like “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” epitomized the early Springsteen sound.  Other good examples of his work can be found on songs like “Kitty’s Back” and “Independence Day” and especially the coda for “Racing in the Street”

Springsteen and the band, currently on tour, have canceled this weekend’s shows.  The tour may resume later next week.

Given the volatile nature of rock bands and the rock and roll lifestyle, it’s notable that Federici is the first member of the 35 year old E Street Band to pass from the scene.

Us oldtime Springsteen fans will miss him.

contributed by Tom Ward

Together into the Rabbit Hole

I can only hope that you are still out there, surfing what has become the greatest research library that “common man” has ever seen, the Web. It seems to me, we can now produce people that are “specialized” in certain areas of knowledge. Anyone can place information on the web, but not every one will put the pieces together in the same pattern. Only in the past few years have people like you and me been able to read and watch so much information on a subject. We are able to get information at a whim, and able to gain so much information in such a short amount of time, that we become schooled in the very things that interest us the most. For some of us looking into “truth”, we find brothers and sisters in much the same comfusion as ourselves, trying to find and end to the puzzle, the truth behind our government, the schools, and the very society we find our selves in. I can only say that one should not go down the rabbet hole so deep that they cannot find common ground the people around them, as so not become so different as to make the others see you as different that themselves. We must all try go down the rabbet hole as a group, so that at the end we all can “wake up” to the new common truth and not bury those few that tried to lead others into the rabbit hole.

Is This America?

It is said but true that some police officers would need to behave the way we seen the NY police officers. Why, that is what I ask myself. What in the world must those monks be thinking of America? They where forced out of Tibet due to China, and thought that Americe could protect them…and, well,…you have seen for yourself how the officers beat them for no good reason. I hope that the officers in the video are taken off the force, but I am afraid that they are the type that the departments are looking for. Please look up Free Tibet and help them out.

Yesterdays Clouds

The Future, that great unknown experience waiting to happen, is always within our vision. Sometimes it is clouded by our feeling of yesterday, sometimes it is that very thing that gets us through today. Whatever it is, it cannot be stopped.
When I see the future in my mind I am at difference with myself, with both hope and fear. What I do know is the restlessness of being all mankind is feeling, that something, something big, is coming in the future. Somewhere inside the minds of the seers, is the truth. Fear the future enough so it will change you, love it for why it will stengthen you.