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Where does one find truth, in the rhyme or the riddle?

Words are magical, we never fully understand how they will effect someone. each word is filled with different visions and memories that give a slightly different image. It is for this very reason I believe that my writing can reach someone in their time of need. I write with my mind filled with thoughts. I try to chose words the best way I can. Sometimes that means my writings are hard to understand for the masses. On the other side they usually reach someone as truth, it is they who the message was for, not everyone else.

The Bucket List

Just finished watching “The Bucket List”. Some of you know I lost my brother a short time back. This movie brought the concept of death back to the table for me. I can only agree with what the movie tried to say, in my humble opinion.

We must not look to the future to live life, we must not dwell on the past, but instead, think of your life as a whisper in the ear of God, and do not forget that life was meant to be lived!

Update on Weather Mods

Weather Modification Programs may be decades before successful experiments are done, according to Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate.
Remember Generation cobweb, we are all in this together, demand to know who’s playing GOD!
For more on what was written, read Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research (2003). You can find it inside the web @

True Conspiracies?

One of the most perplexing, political conspiracy theories of our time is, of course, the theory that the U.S. government was behind the tragedies that occurred on September 11, 2001. A host of claims have been made, yet, three theories stand out as being the most common among conspiracy theorists: 1) Controlled demolitions used to bring down the WTC towers; 2) cruise missile used to attack the Pentagon; and, 3) the shooting down of Flight 93.

Unfortunately, the war in Iraq combined with the numerous failures of the current administration serve as useful fodder for grand conspiracies of this magnitude. The long history of distrust against government has proven to be a useful defense mechanism, as most Americans have always encouraged a healthy degree of skepticism when being presented with information from an authority figure. Therefore, from the perspective of the brave American protecting his liberties and rights, the “truth” movement seems refreshing–almost invigorating.

Yet, the line between rational and irrational thought becomes thinner and less prevalent during dark times. Conspiracy theories gain momentum not from convincing scientific evidence presented in their arguments, but rather from mass hysteria and paranoia.”

Weather modification?

Weather modification? What is going on now in the world of weather? According to, 47 NOAA listed modification programs were currently active in 2005. These are private and government sponsored, unregulated and will have effects on every human. H.A.A.R.P. atmospheric heating program is just one experiment that is effecting the get stream. This I write after the storms hit the Midwest with death tolls still climbing. Could these puppeteers of climate be to blame? If so, how do we connect one experiment with deadly storms. How do we punish those that killed with weather. We must learn who and what is really happening and how it could appear that it is “just natural weather cycles”. It is not a coincident, it is not gods wrath, it is science and mans mistakes. We should all have knowledge of these experiments that effect our planet, don’t you think so ?

Memories, the seeds that keep growing

We all suffer from unknown forces of memories. These memories, although forgotten, may affect the way we respond to future events. So often as a parent we look at what our children do and try to change those actions and never try to understand what made the action a choice that seemed right, in the mind of the person making it. These memories I will refer to as seeds. These seeds may be planted in ones mind without consent. Later they begins to grow and become a part of an individuals personality without consent of the person. It takes a wise person to identity the vine (that which leads up to the action) from the flower (the action itself) and trace it to the root ( the very cause of the problem). Once this root is identified it seems that the knowledge of that alone begins to kill the very root of the actions that manifested those unwanted actions. It is the job of the teacher/parent to seek out these “seeds” in our students/children and root them out so that society can be healthy. We must all be aware of those seeds that infect our mental garden and root them out…Happy gardening.