Monthly Archives: November 2007

Impeach Bush

If the President of this country cannot follow the very laws he represents then he does not represent those who the laws protect.

I hope most of you do your home work on this one. Visit sites talking about this subject and come to your own conclusion. I think you will discover that we can impeach him, and should.

We cannot stand down and let our freedoms that our ancestors died for be lost without so much as a tear from our eye. They gave their lives for freedom, what are we giving,…?

Are we all wrong?

After doing my long overdue surf of my favorite sites I have realized that the amount of sites talking about the Bush Family, 911 and wanting to change America back to the land of the free,(and we cant forget Dicky and all the neo-cons), has grown tenfold since we started. We are loosing the battle as a web site but winning the war for our freedom. Thanks to all who visit Generationcobweb and a host of other sites, trying to find the truth behind the lies we are fed. Blessed are those who design their own site and get involved.

We have got to win. This is our country.We are the people who make up the US.

Shambhala, seeing the signs

Shambhala is a place that is a mythical Tibetan community, the utopia of legends. One may find a way to utopia not through road signs but signs of a different nature, mysterious coincidences. They guide a seeker on his or her path through, what most people would see as a nothing more than, weird coincidences, and that is their first mistake.

What most people don’t understand about that behavior is it does not allow the mind to hold that experience as anything meaningful, and in doing so, never giving meaning to those experiences.

Once a seeker starts to give meaning to these signs they soon find themselves realizing they happen way too often to be coincidences.They start realizing there some kind of signs. These signs will be found and interpreted by the seer. It has been my experience that these signs will act a sign posts to remind one they are on the correct path. When one travels off the path the signs seem to become less frequent, but they seem to still be there, we just cannot see them a clearly.

“May this post be the sign that you see to guide you to your place of knowing. Your friend and mentor Mc Cobb, see you on the inside.”

Knowledge, now thats a brillant idea!

How can one person change the world?
The answer may lie in thoughts alone.
What if mere thoughts were all it took?

By bringing your own awareness to something you bring the light of knowledge to it. Things begin to come out of the shadows of ignorance.
The more people live in knowledge the less people can hide in ignorance.

“You made it to the inside, where thoughts are free to roam.” Mc Cobb

Where are we?

In this life, we all must sacrifice. Choices become harder, and you find yourself living a life far from what you headed out for. So too is my life, and my web site. It started as a way to record for all too see, thoughts and converstions in my life, a way too see how my mind got to a place in thought later in life. What I found is that web sites are life, they have good days and bad ones, and in the end they seem to have become something entirely themselves but yet inside them lay a hidden story that only they can tell. Welcome to my mind.