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New Articles on GenCob

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Five new articles have been posted on Generation Cobweb:

The Other Grendel: The Importance of the Heremod Digression

An Underlying Balance: An Analysis of Gender Elements in Things Fall Apart

Honor in Le Morte Darthur

Foreshadowing and Monsters in Beowulf

Love, Honor, and Gender in Lanval

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address: A Textual Analysis


9/11 Movement Finally Hitting a Cord

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After years of being ignored by the mainstream networks, the media is finally casting a light on the shadowy events of September 11th. But the nature of this attention is what we all could have expected—the ostracizing of those with a view dissimilar to the official story.

What has stirred up the attention of the media gatekeepers are some recent comments television talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell stated on her show, The View, and more detailed comments made on her famous weblog. Recently on the show, the hosts were discussing John Connor from the Resistance Manifesto, and Rosie mimicked Connor by playfully shouting: “9/11 is an inside job!” It appears O’Donnell’s interest in the issue may have peaked during an interview with James Brolin back in December when he urged audience members to visit

O’Donnell is just the latest of individuals in the Hollywood spotlight who have found substance in the growing 9/11 Truth Movement. Charlie Sheen, for example, has stated his views on the issue during an interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones, identifying troublesome areas such as the collapse of WTC 7. He is also in talks to narrate a theatrical remake of the hit Internet documentary, Loose Change, with the films distribution being managed and financed by Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban.

Mainstream gatekeepers such as Bill O’Reilly, however, have warned Sheen that if he goes through with the film, “You’re not gonna come back from it.”


A Blond Bombshell

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no, I’m not talking about Anna Nicole, hopefully that ‘news story’ is finally over. I’m talking about former CIA operative Valerie Plame whose identity and occupation were revealed by, well by somebody. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby was convicted last week of lying and obstructing a federal investigation but no one has been held responsible for the leak itself. Personally I think it was Cheney. I don’t have any proof but really – how big of a leap is it from dodging the draft (5 deferments from 1959 to 1967 without a single day served) to outing a CIA officer. But like I say I have no proof Cheney was responsible for outing Ms. Plame.

Speaking before Congress Ms. Plame said, “If our government cannot even protect my identity, future foreign agents who might consider working with the Central Intelligence Agency and providing needed intelligence would think twice.” No kidding. But the government can protect the identity of those who work for it, as long as they play by ‘white house’ rules. For instance, the person or persons who leaked Ms. Plames identity are still unknown.


Ramblings from a worried mind.

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Hello all, I have returned from New Orleans and keep stumbling around trying to get back inside the web. The outside world is a jealous beast. It keeps you to itself, not wanting you to leave.

In the world of reality, we all seem to be wanderers on a dark path losing sight and direction. Our vision of who we want to be just a shadow disappearing in the mist before us.

We must take time to set our feet firmly on the path and discern where it leads us, choosing wisely when and where to continue, for each step could lead us further away from our true goals. Or closer to fulfillment and purpose.

I am always inside the web in spirit, but necessary choices and decisions have made it difficult to find time to write and pod-cast. But now, with the help of my friends, the journey into self can begin again.

See you on the inside.


Did Booth act alone?

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No. He had several coconspirators. Perhaps the most interesting was Dr. Samuel Mudd.  In the 1865 conpiracy trial Mudd claimed he didn’t know Booth. However, Dr. Mudd had stayed at Surrat’s boarding house (where the conspiracy was hatched) and it was possible, even likely he knew John Wilkes Booth. More on this later. What is known is that Dr. Mudd set Booth’s broken leg.

After shooting President Lincoln John Wilkes Booth jumped from the Balcony at Fords Theatre breaking his ankle. With adrenalin pumping through his body Booth ran out of the theatre to meet up with another coconspirator David Herold. Mr. Herold had just fled the home of Secretary of State William Seward who was also a target of assassination. Herold had led Lewis Paine to the Secretary’s home where it was planned Paine would kill Seward. Seward survived the attack however.

Leaving Paine to fend for him self Herold met up with Booth just outside of Washington. After stopping at John Lloyd’s tavern the two made their way to Dr. Mudds home around four in the morning. After setting Booths ankle Dr. Mudd allowed the killers to stay at the doctors house until late that afternoon. Booth and Herold then left, making their way south until Booth was killed and Herold captured at Richard Garrett’s farm.

Dr. Samuel Mudd was convicted of conspiring to kill the President and sentenced to life in prison, escaping the death penalty by one vote. But how guilty was he? Mudd claimed Booth and Herold had introduced themselves as Tyson and Henston and he was unaware the two were the ones responsible for Lincolns’ murder.

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