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Headlines 02-23-07

GENCOB ELECTION UPDATE: Vilsack drops out of presidential race Visit the GenCob Election Page for more info
What Would You Do if Bush Declared Martial Law?

An editorial in the New York Times yesterday pointed out, for those of us who didn’t realize it, that the Bush administration had inserted two provisions into last October’s defense budget bill that would make it easier to declare martial law in the US.

Clinton, Obama mix it up verbally

The two front-runners in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination traded jabs Wednesday over remarks made by a Hollywood mogul and a powerful South Carolina lawmaker.

North American Union “Conspiracy” Exposed

A top Democratic Party foreign policy specialist said on Friday that a “very small group” of conservatives is unfairly accusing him of being at the center of a “vast conspiracy” to implement the idea of a “North American Union” by “stealth.”Clinton, Obama camps mix it up verbally

A Study in North American Union