Daily Archives: February 6, 2007

McCobb News

Just got back from New Orleans! That place has a long time until recovery. Looks like I will be running back and forth for the next few months helping out rebuilding the town. Hope you all will be fine.

As I drive through the town I am amazed at how little seems to be done. It is like a ghost town after a war, weird. I don’t know how people cope with so much death and destruction. Sometimes we all need to help someone in this life to realize who we are inside.

I am very heartbroken when I see the pain in that city, not just the pain from rebuilding but the pain of being forgotten. Outsiders do not understand or want to know the real story of New Orleans. People have to deal with so much loss, their families, friends and even their own body parts from infection and disease.

This would explain some of the aggression you see but the New Orleans police. The police there are aggressive, they don’t play nice. Be carefull if you are planning to visit the Big Easy. It’s not easy no more.