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Green Party Candidate Plays in Peoria

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Rich Whitney, Green Party candidate for Governor of Illinois did well in the heartland of Illinois. In Peoria county, home of the giant multinational corporation Caterpillar, Whtney was awarded 15% of a usually strong union Democratic vote. While just across the river in the industrial towns of Pekin and East Peoria 15% of those voters also approved of Mr. Whitney. In Woodford County, a traditional Republican stronghold, 16% of the voters there turned out for Green Party candidate Whitney. Just north of Woodford County sits Marshall County, a rural farming area of the state where 16% of the votes went to Mr. Whitney. For a Green party candidate to do so well in the heartland of Illinois in such disparate political arenas is an indication of the level of dissatisfaction ordinary Americans have with their government.

In a 2002 Columbia Law School Survey on the public perception of attorneys the only profession thought less honest than lawyers were politicians. It would seem Illinois politicians take pride in that fact. Three of the previous seven governors; George Ryan, Dan Walker and Otto Kerner have all been convicted of white-collar crime. Two of the previous seven were indicted (but not convicted) and the present governor is under investigation. He was reelected. If you are wondering how that could happen you need look no further than his opponent – Judy Topinka. She was a close associate of George Ryan, the previous governor who is now serving time in the Illinois State penitentiary. I think voters have had enough. I know I have.

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God must not like old people

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With hurricane season comes two things. One, every news and weather channel on TV will claim they are ‘hurricane central’. So If you really want to keep informed of the latest hurricane news you should tune in 24 hours a day. Which is a great help to the folks in Idaho.

Second, America will have to weather the storm of crackpot preachers telling us God is punishing America for (pick one or more) homosexuality, adultery, idolatry, greed, lust, jaywalking (ok, I threw that one in but you get the point)

What these guardians of the moral purity of America don’t get is God Hates Old People. Yes there are a lot of perverted disgusting people in Florida. And not just in the governors mansion but all over. The majority of Floridians however are old people, folks who have retired and moved there. If God doesn’t hate old people why then why does he send all the hurricanes to destroy their condos? I know you are thinking I may be a bit over the top but it makes about as much sense as God punishing (insert city, state, country here) for (insert deviant behavior here).

Of course it could be Florida is located between two large bodies of water, both of which are at the correct latitude with water warm enough to produce hurricanes. I’m pretty sure hurricanes have struck Florida for a long time, since before there were unrepentant sinners there. Even before savage Indians lived there. Who of course were being punished for being savages.


Kenneth Lay laid to rest

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AP – Kenneth Lay, the founder of Enron Corp. who ascended to the pinnacle of American business only to tumble into disgrace, died of a heart attack on Wednesday. He was 64.

I know I should feel sad when someone dies. But I don’t feel anything. Had Mr. Lay not been wealthy and well connected he would have died in jail. Instead he died on vacation in Aspen Co. The closest many Americans will ever get to Aspen is watching Dumb And Dumber. Kenneth Lay was neither.

Kenneth Lay was a shrewd calculating ‘businessman’ who laid waste to the savings of thousands of hard working American citizens. While the people he conned struggled to get their lives back Mr. Lay, instead of sitting in a jail cell was vacationing in a ski resort.

He continued to protest his innocence, even after he was convicted of fraud and conspiracy for lying to employees and investors about Enron’s financial health. Ironically enough Lay was scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 23 – my birthday. I was going to have a party. I think I still will.


Is Castro Stepping Down?

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Is Castro finally stepping down? Or is he falling down? On Monday, the 80-year-old Castro issued an official announcement that he had acute intestinal bleeding and had to undergo a “complicated surgical operation”. Really. I have heard any medical procedure in Cuba was a “complicated surgical operation”.

Even more surprising to most was when Castro turned the presidency over to his 75-year-old brother Raul Castro. I thought Raul Castro was the lead actor in the Addams Family remake but after some intense investigative journalism it turns out I was wrong. In fact Raul is responsible for much of what Cuba is today – a totalitarian, repressive regime.
It was Raul who first attended the 1953 socialist youth conference in Vienna. And it was Raul who enlisted the famous Latin American guerrilla fighter Che Guevara. And it was the younger Castro who talked the Soviets into deploying medium missiles in Cuba, which culminated in the 1962 October missile crisis. As defense minister Raul has defeated American forces on several occasions including the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961.
Over the years Raul Castro has built the Cuban military into a profitable enterprise that is responsible for almost two thirds of the countries convertible revenue. There has never been an attempted coup and only one senior officer has defected. Unlike his brother Fidel, Raul has never been one to engender loyalty in his followers, instead Raul has used terror, torture and execution to impose his will upon the Cuban people.
Those of you who are dancing in the streets at Fidel Castro’s ‘acute intestinal bleeding’ may need to pause. I have read the reports of Raul being more amenable and softer on the west while embracing some economic reforms. And I ain’t buying it. The man wants to emulate the Chinese model of communism, where you are a favored trade partner of the US and can still enslave your citizens.
I remember several years ago when we invaded Iraq. I was never clear exactly why we went but some of the reasons I heard were to remove the evil dictator Saddam Hussein, free the Iraqi people, and bring democracy to Iraq. At the time I thought why not invade Cuba? We could take out the evil dictator Fidel Castro, free the Cuban people and bring democracy to Cuba. And our soldiers could come home for the weekend. Looking back now it makes even more sense